The future President of Ukraine — the Donbas pensioners: "You are not our customers!"


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The future President of Ukraine — the Donbas pensioners:

Kyiv, November 14. The leader of the party "movement new forces" Mikhail Saakashvili presented in its protest camp near the Parliament "the future President of Ukraine", the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) in Kiev.

"the Future President" was a Ukrainian economist and politician, doctor of economic Sciences, former Minister of economy of Ukraine Lanovyi.

"You asked me who will be President? This is he, Vladimir lanoviy. Really, why am I talking about this. There is a very, very good people, very intelligent in all generations of Ukrainian patriots.

They do not need to look for, they are there, you just have to open your eyes and see, see them and push forward. I am very grateful that this man and many others. When I say that there are no people. Sorry, Rosenblatt found, and this is not found? Berezenko found.

they tell Me young people. If young people like Berezenko. Here are people who are more experienced, a hundred million times better," Saakashvili said to the applause of the audience, hugging Vladimir Lanovoy.

Recall, the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine accuse MP Borislav Rosenblatt and Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko (PPB) Sergey Berezenko in corruption.

After this view, Saakashvili is a politician Lanovyi was invited to perform on the stage of the so-called "Maidan of hope" near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. There Lanovoy to the applause of the audience explained to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, why Ukraine does not pay and will not pay earned by pensioners of Donbass pensions.

"the Pension system is the system when the current money of the state and all of the younger society spends for today's pensioners.

If you support the regime in Lugansk, so you have to claim their power. They should give you the money to meet all pension obligations, they must create the solidarity pension system, they are there to collect the money and give it to the pensioners. You are not customers of our pension system, because it's solidary pension system. You forty years to work, and the money you give today, with today's income from today's calculations and you get today's money.

It is necessary to understand and act in order. Until you have your power, you will not have pensions," — said Lanovyi to the applause of the audience.

Recall, for the last two years, after the official refusal of Ukraine to pay pensions to residents of DND and LNR, there was an unwritten practice under which retired from the DNR and LNR, along with pensions from the republics, has left the Ukrainian territory to get a Ukrainian pension. In the spring of Kiev decided to cut off retirees from uncontrolled territories from pension payments, passing the corresponding law.

moreover, since August, in Ukraine, without warning, stopped paying pensions to citizens who had moved to the controlled territory from the territory of Donbass, bought a house in Ukraine, has received a permanent residence permit and not issued or not renewed the status of the immigrant. These citizens also were left without Ukrainian pensions.

the United Nations (UN) is seriously concerned by the practice, termination of social benefits and pensions to immigrants and residents beyond the control of Kiev territories of Ukraine.

This was declared by the UN resident coordinator in Ukraine, Neal Walker, demanding from Kiev to pay the citizens of their earned pensions. "We insist that all citizens are entitled to social benefits regardless of where they live, are retired or temporarily displaced persons", — said the representative of the United Nations.


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