Stolen history: NATO officers renamed the memorial to the Unknown soldier in Kiev


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Stolen history: NATO officers renamed the memorial to the Unknown soldier in Kiev

Kyiv, 12 November. Dozens of soldiers and officers from Britain, Canada and France came to the Park of Eternal glory in Kyiv to honor the memory of those killed in the First world war.

the Protest was organized by the British Embassy in Ukraine in honor of Remembrance Day of memory of victims in the conflicts of the First world war. The event is held annually on 11 November in Commonwealth countries, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

the ceremony was attended by ambassadors and military attaches of NATO countries, Commonwealth countries and representatives of the armed forces.

The actual ceremony was the laying of wreaths at the Eternal flame grille, and decoration of wreaths of red poppies – a symbol adopted in Europe in relation to the fallen military.

While officers were photographed on a background of the Eternal flame, correspondent FAN asked them if they know that this monument erected to those who died in the Second world war to servicemen of the Soviet army and that he was recently filled eight buckets of cement. And that he had previously experienced vandalism committed by Ukrainian nationalists.

However, senior event officer reported that his subordinates can only comment on neutral topics.

"the victorious Countries in the 99th anniversary of the victory in the First world war are combined in order to honor the memory of all the fallen in this war. Together, soldiers - both men and women - gather to honor the memory of those who gave their lives in the war for freedom. To this end, we have gathered here" - said one of the senior officers.

note that the monument of Eternal Glory on the tomb of the Unknown soldier in Kiev — a monument in honor of soldiers killed in the great Patriotic war.

The first world war is not mentioned.

the Monument represents an obelisk with a height of 27 meters, at the foot of which on the tomb of the Unknown soldier Eternal flame burns. To the monument leads the Avenue of heroes, which moved 35 military cemeteries of the great Patriotic war with Flannelette and Lukyanovka cemetery, Askold grave, with some parks and squares of the city (including one Unknown soldier from Lutezh bridgehead). The plates referred to a different military rank of the Soviet army, from Sergeant to Colonel-General who fought with the enemy on the territory of Ukraine. Most distinguished in the battles for Kiev, among them 12 Heroes of the Soviet Union.

One of the organizers and participants of the action could not explain to the correspondent the FAN, why NATO officers have come to this monument on November 11 to remember the victims of the First world war, but did not come on may 9 to commemorate those who in reality are buried.

Ambassadors of the United Kingdom and Canada made speeches, which again is not mentioned here are buried soldiers and officers of the red army – it was only about the wars of the Commonwealth of the Entente.

Students of Kyiv military Lyceum Bohun, Pechersk School International I and Ecole Francaise Internationale read themed poems are also about the First world war. No word about the victims of the Great Patriotic war, one of the speakers said.

overall, the impression that the way the authorities in Kiev and representatives of the British Embassy held a regular de-communization is now a memorial in the Park of Eternal glory will be presented a monument to all the victims, first and foremost, the fallen servicemen of NATO countries.


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