Soldier Jane from DNR: the girl-fighter for the first time passed certification in the blue beret


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Soldier Jane from DNR: the girl-fighter for the first time passed certification in the blue beret

the head of the DNI Alexander Zakharchenko called for the change of standards on the right to wear the blue beret of a soldier of special purpose units of the Ministry of transport DND "Vityaz". Certification took place in the framework of the events dedicated to the second anniversary of the unit "Vityaz", which was visited by the correspondent Federal news Agency.

Such a test for future soldiers of the division took place for the first time and the first time certification to receive the blue beret was a girl involved. 22-year-old soldier has successfully passed all tests on an equal basis with men, including sparring, and was emphasized by the head of the DNI.

For this challenging exam fighters had been preparing for years, even had to jump with a parachute. According to the rules, to be added to VDV (a unit "Vityaz" — it's actually airborne forces of the DNI) has the right only fighter who has had three jump.

But since this possibility the guys had, this was offset by other loads. As noted by Alexander Zakharchenko, many of those who have passed the certification, and had served in the airborne.

the test guys went through the obstacle course with a length of 15 km: the fighters had to overcome, plantations, hills and water obstacles, to meet the standards for shooting and throwing grenades. But, of course, the most difficult challenge was immediately after the obstacle course to join in the melee.

"Today you saw the final stage was preceded by a very long process of preparation, — told reporters Alexander Zakharchenko. — You know, I'm looking at these guys and remembering 2014, I understand that over three years our division has turned into a real army.

And I have not only a sense of pride, but also an understanding that if we want, together we will defeat any enemy and overcome any obstacles. I am sure that you are proud of our children, looking at them."

In the end, 26 soldiers of the armed forces of DNR have been vetted and in a solemn ceremony received the coveted blue berets of the paratroopers.


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