The Ukrainian intelligentsia has demanded from special services a total ban of Russian culture


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The Ukrainian intelligentsia has demanded from special services a total ban of Russian culture

Kyiv, November 9. On the Day of Ukrainian writing and language at the building of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine nationalists held a theatrical action called: "Down with the artists. from Ukraine!". As reported from the scene correspondent Federal news Agency (FAN), the event was conducted by Ukrainian Directors and actors who have Russian culture selects its audience and financing.

well-known in Kiev, Ekaterina Chapura, the Ukrainian theatre Director and social activist of the Maidan, said that Russian culture is dangerous because it calls Ukrainians brothers, and it is dangerous.

"the Russian world is not just tanks and guns that shoot in the East, the Russian world is that in their heads.

If we listen to the same music, speak the same language then why do they need new territory. That is, Russia does it in order to turn us into another Russia, so we felt like brothers, we were like them. That is why we constantly broadcast series, now in wide release, the film goes with rashistom in the title role, which black-listed. The Ministry of culture, the state does nothing about it.

They are energetically promoting, hyping, it are people. It is simply an impossible thing. On the one hand, we rejoice that out of the Ukrainian film, and on the other hand we hear and see as they say in Russian, and the top imposed Ukrainian translation it is named all of the Ukrainian movie" - outraged Chapura.

the Rally near the building of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine took part in the bloody Russian bear with a gun in his hand. The bear danced squatting, waving a gun and a balalaika, and they ate bagels with cords around his neck.

the Main requirement of the campaign is to make all Russian artists in the "List of people who pose a threat to national security", to prohibit the Ukraine all the movies and plays in Russian, to Finance the films and plays that glorified the Ukrainian nation.

One of the passers-by, who asked not to shoot it on video, for safety reasons, he told the FAN to clean the Russian language, which is very well aware of the organizers.

"Judging by the farce, which is represented under the form of a street play, Directors and actors of these figures is very bad.

This loser who is unable to compete with real art. Therefore, they call on the help of the special services that need to destroy the competitors of those who write the best songs, takes the best movies and puts the best performances. Judging by your speech you are from Russia. Will you please tell the Russian that I am ashamed of this our so-called intellectuals," said the man, noting in parting that he was from Kiev in the third generation and never thought I'd see such a shameful Orgy of chauvinism in his hometown.

note, public activists have a week in Kiev distribute leaflets calling to come to share. They are also active in social networks, where critical mention Fyodor Dobronravov in the TV series "Matchmakers", Yevgeny Knyazev, the leading role in the new Ukrainian film "the World is your home," Leonid Yarmolnik and others. How to write in his proclamations of Ukrainian intellectuals, "it is necessary to put the question squarely in front of the main body for matters of national security, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, about the ban of Russian culture in the country."


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