Saakashvili threw a tantrum on the podium of the Maidan: "Creature, anikinskiy bastards, freaks!"


2017-11-08 11:30:13




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Saakashvili threw a tantrum on the podium of the Maidan:

Kyiv, November 8. The leader of the movement "movement new forces", the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili addressed hundreds of supporters in a tent camp in front of the Parliament in Kiev.

As the correspondent Federal news Agency (FAN) events, Saakashvili also demanded the immediate adoption of the law "On the impeachment of the President of Ukraine", Recalling how Petro Poroshenko makes profit even on the cold weather in Kiev.

"the Main requirement at this stage is a law about impeachment of the President. Because if we just remove the immunity of deputies, we will get the President of a monarch who executes any of any merciful, he is protected, he can do whatever he wants. And it will be these MPs just to blackmail, even their – that they have no immunity.

Immunity should be removed, but to remove and the deputies, and the President of Ukraine, with the present and any future President. Because there are people who are poorer. There are depositors who made you poorer? Personal investment banker, according to Gontareva. Their personal Bank received 304% percent profit, you got in three or four times less money, and they have three to four times more profit.

That is a direct fault of the President.
When we see utilities, who is one of the owners of DTEK, Akhmetov's company officially? Poroshenko! That is, your rates are now going not just into the pockets of Akhmetov, and officially into the pockets of Poroshenko! The cold came and really we'll pay more, and this winter the President will be another couple of billions richer. And the President is interested it cold that paid more. He is interested that it was cold, so we on the streets are not overlooked and that it was cold, so we paid more.

Normal?", said Saakashvili.

Then he began to talk about the attack in the address of the administration Poroshenko and his security agencies, and then suddenly exploded in an angry speech.

"Not that attacked the creature, freaks! I, Mikheil Saakashvili, I was not afraid of Putin and his bombs! And I'm not afraid of Poroshenko and his deceitful, ugly, anti-Ukrainian bastards that we are being blackmailed. You got the wrong guy! It is the people of Ukraine, and not some strange people. This great people of Ukraine, who halted Russia. This great nation of Ukraine, which were two of the Maidan.

This great nation of Ukraine, which you, too, will be removed from power bastards you bastards!", - shouted Saakashvili to the applause of the crowd.

the leader of the protest camp stated that to him every day, "send the walkers" from the presidential administration of Ukraine, urging for more money to stop the action. Otherwise his promise to arrest and forced expulsion to Georgia.

this offer Mikhail Saakashvili said the announcement of a new promotion on Sunday, at 12 o'clock is planned a protest March on Kiev.


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