As MH17 brought down the Ukrainian aviation market, explained economist at Kiev


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As MH17 brought down the Ukrainian aviation market, explained economist at Kiev

First Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine in 2014-2016 Vladimir Shulmeyster told Federal news Agency (FAN) in Kiev, the collapse of the transport system of Ukraine for the past three years. One of the reasons he believes the consequences of the disaster over Ukraine Malaysian Boeing-777 flight MH17 in the summer of 2014.

"Over the past three years there have been tremendous changes in the transport system of Ukraine related to geopolitics, told Vladimir Shulmeyster told FAN. And this has led to very serious changes in the structure of transport corridors through Ukraine, which provide the country with transit flows. It affected all forms of transport.

Let's start with aviation. If we are talking about the "Aerolux" (Public service enterprise air traffic of Ukraine "ukraerorukh" — approx. FAN), the income "Beroroha" transit revenues fell sharply. In 2013, these revenues accounted for 83%, today it is about 20%".

According to former Deputy Minister of Ukraine, there are several reasons.

"the First reason is geopolitical, — said Vladimir Shulmeyster.

— It's a disaster of flight MH17, it closed the sky over the East. In this regard, most international airlines have restructured their routes and today flies over the Ukraine. "Aeromeh" is doing everything possible to return part of the transit, and partially succeeds. The second reason, which played against transits, is the increase in the number of domestic services, their number in the last two or three years has increased and continues to grow.

But the income "Beroroha" definitely plummeted in connection with the geopolitical situation."

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, the crisis of recent years touched the Ukrainian Railways, which has lost a third of revenues from transit traffic.

the"Next "Ukrzaliznytsia" — during these three years, Ukrainian Railways lost around 30% of transit — said you Know. — And the "Ukrzaliznytsia" is the engine of the transport system of Ukraine. So historically, over 80% of freight in Ukraine meets "Ukrzaliznytsya", it is a very big proportion, so the drop in transit by 30% led to a significant loss of traffic. There are several reasons, one of them is also geopolitical, but there are other reasons.

They are related to the fact that the transit flow of Ukrainian Railways "Ukrzaliznytsya", it is also sea and river ports. "Ukrzaliznytsya" plus ports, plus port fees — unfortunately, the complexity of this structure has led to a loss in the competition. Plus procedures that apply in the ports, do not contribute to this transit potential of Ukraine was carried out adequately".

According to former Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine, over the last three years transit via Ukrainian ports fell by about 2.5 times.

"It happened for the same reasons — because of the inefficiency and outdated infrastructure of ports, — the Shulmeyster. — Most affected are the ports as the Black sea, is less affected port South (near Odessa — approx.

FAN) for the reason that the South is the most promising port from the point of view of the deep, and there is an active private operator who is trying to increase traffic through your power."

Bad things in Ukraine and road transport, have recognized the source of the FAN.

"unfortunately, over the past three years there has been little investment in roads, the situation will improve, and therefore we predict that road transport will go some of the functions of the railway, which today is suffering, including in the form of logistical support. As you know, there is a shortage of cars, now added also the lack of traction. From the first of January we will have a protected road Fund, which will increase next year about 50-60 billion will be spent on repair of roads. I hope that this amount will grow every year, consequently, the quality of roads will improve.

Prospects for improvement on the railway, I do not see for various reasons, so part of the cargo is likely to move from rail to road. But according to the transit situation remains very difficult, and on road transport".

the Reasons for this situation, according to the former Deputy Minister, mainly geopolitical.

"Transport corridors that previously went through Ukraine, is a North-South and East-West — are now transformed so that left one main direction is West-South, — said Vladimir Shulmeyster. That is why we, in 2015, insisted that together with the world Bank to revise the program of road construction. The world Bank has allocated only 20 million dollars to design transportation arteries — highway, which will connect the Krakovets and the southern ports of Ukraine.

To finish on a positive, I would say that Ukraine is trying to participate in the "Silk road", for this was started, hear the laughter, so there will be discussion is a ferry from Poti in the Black sea, then by rail to Poti-Baku, Baku-Aktau — another ferry, and from Aktau to Kazakhstan railway ferry, which today runs three times a week. And there is the possibility of this route to expand and strengthen, for this the only thing left to do is to fill the railway ferry" — tried on an optimistic note to sum up Vladimir Shulmeyster.


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