No to racism against Russians: the world conference of Russian compatriots was held in Moscow. FAN TV


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No to racism against Russians: the world conference of Russian compatriots was held in Moscow. FAN TV

was held In Moscow world thematic conference of Russian compatriots living abroad. Its theme was "the centenary of the Russian revolution: unity for the future". 155 leaders and activists of public organizations of compatriots from 92 countries gathered together under the auspices of the world coordination Council of Russian compatriots living abroad. The Congress was opened by the foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov.

According to the head of the Russian diplomatic Agency, one of the major challenges facing the country in the centenary year of the revolution – the achievement of universal reconciliation and civil harmony. The conference was visited by the crew of FAN TV.

foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Lavrov, addressing the audience at the world conference of Russian compatriots, said:

– Wide recognition of your initiatives for the care of monuments and places of burial of Russian Soviet soldiers. Emphasizing the conduct abroad of such large-scale actions, as "St. George ribbon" and "Immortal regiment", which gathers tens of thousands of people in nearly one hundred countries in the world.

Not everyone is fond of this unity. Attempts to denigrate the activities of his compatriots, to split, to tear off from Russia. And in some States, in particular, in Ukraine, in the Baltic States, does not stop their direct discrimination. The Ministry of foreign Affairs, our embassies and consulates consistently protect the rights of compatriots using bilateral mechanisms and potential of various international organizations.

maintain the position of the Russian language, including in the system of foreign education is an important mission of representatives of the Russian Diaspora.

In France in the 90-ies appeared the term "Rusophonia" – a legacy of the many peoples who use Russian language to communicate with each other.

Dmitry koshko, journalist, honorary Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in France, the founder of the Union of Russophones of France, spoke to the FAN TV:

– We say "Rusophonia" as "polyphony", with the accent. And > Yes, of course, it exists. We encounter it in France, including. Therefore, in particular, has created, for example, the website "Stop Russophobia." The same Balts, who are thinking: "Well, we all can do it!", they do not understand that, firstly, something can't explain in English the General culture of the former Soviet Union, whereas they can't explain in Russian.

They will better understand any resident of Central Asia in Russian than in English. Russophobia – it is not only xenophobia, discrimination, even racism against the Russian, she also has consequences for our own society – French, Western European, democratic and civil. Because of this Russophobia we are violating the principles of democracy, civil society, freedom of information.

In the post-Soviet countries to maintain Russian language is not easy – because of widespread consolidation for national.

The task of Russian compatriots – to be able properly to adapt Russian language to these conditions. Today it successfully copes the Russian Diaspora in Tajikistan.

Victor Kim, Executive Secretary of the coordination Council of associations of Russian compatriots of the Republic of Tajikistan, explained:

– we Have 99 % of it's population professing Islam. 1% Russian – speaking, we will say so. That is, 8 million in total, 30 thousand Russians.

It is very small. In these conditions the position of the Russian language we have a fairly strong. The number of Russian schools of training quietly expanding, and we are not noisy. That is, it should naturally develop.

From Russia we get a lot of support: for example, 8 million this year we received 600 quota seats for admission in educational institutions. Accordingly, we run away no need, the popularity of the Russian language automatically grows. Here in Tajikistan we accurately since 1990, the year the policy of such a conduct: that is to say, not to make noise in the public space that schools are reduced, the space is reduced, and this work quietly, at the government level, at the level of the President's office, the District education Department, education Department, and all falls into place.

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anti-Russian propaganda, which has become a real scourge of the European countries, in recent years, continues to gain momentum. Long-standing phobias, substitution of concepts, accusations and distortion of history – with its manifestations of our compatriots are often faced abroad.

Sergey Petrosov, Executive Secretary of the Belgian Federation of Russian organizations, shared with the reporter in the FAN TV story from his personal life:

My wife, who works in the workplace, it feels.

There are a few of our compatriots working and they often come home very upset just because of the fact that their colleagues at work, the people who hear and perceive all this negativity that pours now from the pages of the press and on television on people – they all Express them. We are now virtually came to an embodiment of our long-standing ideas is the creation of the First International non-governmental organisation media compatriots, which will be called "mediaal'yans Russian communities." The response to the information war that is now underway against Russia.

Sergey Panteleev, Director of the Institute of Russian abroad, was also present at the world thematic conference of Russian compatriots living abroad.

Needs, first of all, in my opinion, to build civil society in countries of residence, he said. – When we not only about ourselves we tell each other everything, but telling the truth about the events in Russia, the truth about the Russian world to our friends, partners, and representatives of those countries in which there live our compatriots. At the moment this work is, in my opinion, is at a rudimentary level.

But most importantly, we are aware of this.

Great hopes for assistance in the unification of compatriots abroad country imposes on the younger generation. According to experts, today in Russia there are all preconditions for creation of the youth network of compatriots.

Olga evko, head of Department on work with compatriots, youth and regional cooperation of Rossotrudnichestvo, said:

In Sochi ended world festival of youth and students of our compatriots there was a sufficient amount, young. At the initiative of the Russian youth the application was created in order to unite the guys who are abroad.

It is, of course, it's still in "beta".

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correspondent FAN TV also talked Svetlana Miro, Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots in Syria:

there came a time of more peaceful days. Compared to 2014, 15, 16th year, has become less attacks from the militants moved from big cities is Damascus, Aleppo. Revive the club, revived the work with children. Now, many of you know, in the schools of Syria has imposed Russian language, all try to promote it at this level.

There are planned projects: Youth forum of the middle East country. As if learning from the experience, I wonder.

– That is, in Damascus, will soon pass the youth forum?

– Well, not yet, but we think the plans we build.

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