U.S.-Belarusian journalist in Kiev: "I'm in shock from the ruins of Ukraine"


2017-11-01 16:45:30




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U.S.-Belarusian journalist in Kiev:

Kyiv, November 1. Journalist of the American-Belarusian edition of US-BELARUS (magazine "USA-Belarus") Yuri Redkov suddenly lost his temper at a press conference in Kiev. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) has recorded an emotional speech of a journalist during a press conference in the press center of RIA "Novosti Ukraina".

note that journal of US-BELARUS is published in Florida, USA, so its authors can hardly be blamed for anti-Ukrainian bias. However, Yuri Redkov shocked as the audience at the press conference of his fellow journalists, and speakers.

"this is my second time in Ukraine and, of course, are just in shock.

In shock from what has become country, from what I can see happening in the regions, especially in the Eastern part. I was struck by how the transport component, which you then say destroyed. Over the 15-20 years of independent Ukraine, I had the opportunity to see the condition of the roads, especially in the border areas. People lost jobs, people are ignorant and what to do next.

And this raises the question of the policy. I had the opportunity to even watch the events that unfold near the Parliament, organized by Mikhail Saakashvili. I was also depressed because in the face of obvious raider capture of the state institution that is called Happy. But that, apparently, there is a reason, because Parliament has ceased to listen to its people, because the problems really accumulated a lot and it is time to have open, direct hearings with my people, because communication should be.

And if today one of the political groups as the argument draws a radical force." - he managed to speak to the journalist until he besieged the rostrum with the question of what exactly he wants to ask the speakers of the event.

"I bring you to question, it's imperative to understand what is the actual root of the problem. Today there is a clear weakness of state power, it can be seen everywhere. Well, for example, when I cross the border in Chernihiv region, I am struck by the fact that there is no exchanger where I can exchange currency. People approach me and change the currency.

That is, it is a sign of what is happening on the border. And I change the currency in the exchanger, mind you. In order to expedite the transport to the car passed the guards, presumably five hundred Russian rubles, so it was faster. That is, there is corruption on the border and farther, farther, farther.

And in this regard I have a simple concise question, how long it all will you continue? Because Belarusians are losing much more than gain. Today our enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, are unable to deliver their products to you in your country for one reason only and it is the main – question of trust and security. So the question is simple: will here in Ukraine the procedure and who will provide the political will of the citizens, what they are actually saying today. They want peace, this is the first question which stands today.

And second, what will happen next in the economy, in fact you will lose eventually their country, if you keep silent" - said the journalist of the US-BELARUS.

shocked by this unexpected speech, the organizers of the press conference could not answer in fact, limiting the needed change of power through early elections.


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