The rally "Geartec" gathered in the Crimea finalists of all-Russian competitions. FAN TV


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The rally

In "Artek" opened the international meeting of young geologists. Holding rosgeologia and the Russian state geological prospecting University. Sergo Ordzhonikidze was launched in the famous children's resort in the Crimea unique thematic shift. The rally "Geartec" was visited by correspondents of the FAN TV.

This fall, hospitable Yalta brought together 150 boys and girls from all regions of Russia.

Special selection to the gathering "Geartec" were the most intelligent connoisseurs of nature – from a family of geologists and finalists of all-Russian competitions. Almost a month they have to dive into the world of the unique nature of the black sea coast. Especially for the start of a new shift in Artek has built a Field camp. Here for kids are held open lessons on the science of the Earth.

Now the young geologists study the topic "Protection of environment".

With the sorbent – teploobmennogo composite, which includes peat, diatomaceous earth and modificatory Supplement, students learn to purify water from the spent diesel fuel.

– you Need to wait until the water with the oil will go down, that is, are strained, – a young man named Bob shows told FAN TV, as is the process.

Alexander Aleksashkina, head of the analytical center Bronnitskaya geological-geochemical expedition of Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and crystallochemistry of rare elements, explains:

– Most importantly, how many of us experiences it, is the experiences with environmental pollution we have, it turns out, neither one way to not get this experience.

In 2015, Artek has been a pioneer in creating series of unique training modules – for example, children meeting with scientists and staff from the best universities in the country. One such project was the "Geartec". Today, the future legendary children's resort for the preparation of new engineers for the country.

Vadim Kasyanov, acting rector of the Russian state geological prospecting University. Sergo Ordzhonikidze, spoke to the FAN TV:

– Raised the question of such an interesting science that has recently dominated the ecology.

This and cleaning of the Arctic, lake Baikal, and everything else. All is well and tell our businesses, and foreign, but all based on the fact that there are no frames, that is, those people who this all will do. If Russia has always been strong for its engineering expertise, we should do now is to continue to promote.

Anatoly Baluch, Deputy Director General, head of unit for cooperation with authorities and corporate security of JSC "Rosgeologiya", also arrived at the rally "Geartec"

– We want somewhere at school level to engender interest in Geology to the children. Show some things, maybe at the elementary level, but they will be able to explain in the form of the phenomena that they observe in life.

To understand these phenomena, to understand that our earth is one big house that you can devote and your strength, and your knowledge, and your heart.

fortunately, modern children and teenagers today show special interest in this science.

– I want to be a geologist! Some gidrofizika, says Stas.

have Already decided where they want to do?

Yes. I think one of the options, where I want to do – it will be MSU.

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21 days of the change students undergo a unique route at the outskirts of the camp, and several cities of the Crimea, conduct geological experiments. Young researchers are measuring reservoir rock layers, assemble a collection of various fossil specimens and record their observations in a field diary.

We went to the Black sea coast, near the rocks, says Julia.

– We recorded, under what weather conditions we work in. We went and knocked, and knocked out different stones, and we found the quartz.

– Until you have filled in only one page. You had only one route?

– Yes.

how many?

I don't know, but we will go to the mountain Ayu-Dag and there likely will be more to write.

my impressions of the rally "Geartec" shared Matthew

– Here we tell you about different minerals. Here the gypsum, agate.

See how interesting looks like fuckin'.! So interesting to see, to touch.

the First in the history of "Artek" geological artekovtsy meeting opened with the League of young journalists. At a very large campfire center "Artek-Arena" – and turned the play-the debate "the Earth is our common home". The drama has attracted 2800 children from all over the camp. The students told each other about what geological and environmental problems of the country the strength to cope each of them.

– Very big responsibility – says Sonia. – We are the future geologists, we just, kept the country, so to speak. Perhaps in the future I want to become a geologist. Very interesting and informative!

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