Expert: the Refusal of Kiev of the Russian fuel for nuclear power plants will transform Ukraine into the nuclear burial ground


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Expert: the Refusal of Kiev of the Russian fuel for nuclear power plants will transform Ukraine into the nuclear burial ground

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of energy research, Dmitry marunich gave an interview to Federal news Agency, which explained why Ukraine will not be able to abandon Russian nuclear fuel, and lamented that the energy security of his country is being sacrificed to political expediency.

Recall that currently, the Russian nuclear fuel producer TVEL, a part of the fuel division of "Rosatom" is the main supplier of fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

"we Have a long-term contract with TVEL to supply fuel Assembly (fuel Assembly, a product containing fissile material and designed for getting heat energy in nuclear reactor — ed.) for reactors of the series WWER-1000 and WWER-440", — said Dmitry Marunych. — Will take good care now to discuss the parameters of this contract, it is confidential, but the fact that it does not end in the next two to three years, that's for sure. According to some estimates, it ends after 2030. Therefore, there is at least a legal basis, according to which a complete cessation of procurement of FA of the Russian Federation, will lead to a very negative legal consequences for the company "Energoatom" will be a trial that Ukraine with the highest degree of probability will lose."

Note, the Ukrainian national nuclear energy generating company "Energoatom" is the operator of all operating nuclear power plants of Ukraine.


According to the Marunich, because of fears of litigation in "Energoatom" try not to say that they intend to soon abandon the purchase of Russian fuel.

"This is the first important fact, — said the interlocutor of the FAN.

Second. If we analyze the available data of the state statistics, it turns out that the average single FA Western production is more expensive than the Russian, if we isolate from purchasing Russian gas component for processing and storage. Because we now send spent fuel for reprocessing into the Russian Federation".

According to the Ukrainian energy sector, if the proposal to replace the Russian fuel products, the us-Japanese company Westinghouse is accepted, then Ukraine will have to store spent nuclear fuel on its territory.

"Westinghouse is governed by the laws of the United States, she is a resident of the United States, and also American fuel is basically impossible to recycle anywhere in the world, — said Dmitry Marunych. — Therefore, spent fuel received from Westinghouse, shall be kept on the territory of the country that used it.

And it's spent fuel and nuclear wastes — all of it will be stored in Ukraine. That's what the "Energoatom" now activates the project for construction of the repository in the Chernobyl zone. Because in a couple years we simply have nowhere to store the spent fuel, it will be impossible to contain in the NPP facilities which are located at each station."

So to refuse in the near future from Russian nuclear fuel in Ukraine will not succeed, said the head of the Ukrainian Institute for energy studies.

"moreover, there are two other VVER-440, for them, the Westinghouse currently is in principle not able to produce the FA, they have no such product, this fuel produces only Russian "TVEL", — said the Ukrainian nuclear scientist. — Therefore, as soon as the failure is impossible in principle, and what was Vice-President of "Energoatom" stated the opposite, that there was some context that it will happen only if a force majeure".

Earlier the first Vice-President — technical Director of NNEGC "Energoatom" Alexander Shevlakov said that Westinghouse is able to deliver fresh nuclear fuel for 13 of the units of Ukrainian NPPs in case of cessation of supplies from Russia.

This statement Dmitry marunich believes rather strange.

"It's very strange, the Russian "TVEL" in recent years, on the contrary shows a very alternative line, separate from their counterparties — in particular, in Armenia and in other States it creates fuel reserves in case of potential force majeure.

Therefore, from the point of view of the essence of the business and what is happening in the market of nuclear fuel, the statement of the Vice-President "Energoatom" looks at least ridiculous, and I think it is dictated by some political factors, that's all. Well, we have Russia "bad," "aggressor," etc., etc., And [the President of "Energoatom" Yuri] Nedashkovskiy in the office hangs a portrait of Bandera, on this basis, we are engaged in political chatter on TV channels of the country," concluded Dmitry marunich.


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