Saakashvili was hiding from the security service and police at Lviv book forum


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Saakashvili was hiding from the security service and police at Lviv book forum

Lviv, September 13. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) along with hundreds of journalists from around the world have discovered had escaped from Lviv the ex-President of Georgia and former Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili in the book forum.

Recall that Mikhail Saakashvili along with supporters, on 10 September broke through a police cordon on the border of Poland and Ukraine at the checkpoint "shehyni" and settled in Lviv, the luxurious hotel "Leopolis" where the rooms are from 10 to 30 thousand rubles per day.

Politics and his retinue guarded from the police and the SBU, the militants of the nationalist battalion "Donbass".

Reporter to FAN, as dozens of colleagues were trying to figure out the plans of the opposition politician, who previously claimed that will go to Kiev and overthrow the country's President Petro Poroshenko.

When it first was announced rallies with the participation of Saakashvili in the regions of the country and then expected the triumphant advance of the supporters of the party "Movement new movement" in Kiev. So, the first such meeting was scheduled on Wednesday at 18.00 in Chernivtsi.

On duty near the hotel "Leopolis" journalists believe the press-Secretary of the policy Daria Siskin she promised reporters that by 18:00 on 13 September "Miho will be in Chernivtsi in Central square." The journalists went to Chernivtsi, and then a press-the Secretary of the "Movement of new forces" Mariana Poshtar said that the chief plans to attend "Forum of publishers" in Lviv.

While the press waited for the politician's visit, the Ukrainian journalists sparred with Georgian colleagues, saying that "this is your President, take it". In response they said, "no, he's not even a citizen of Georgia, now you bother with this guy".

By two o'clock at the opening of the forum has been Mikhail Saakashvili, accompanied by dozens of cameras. He quite arrogantly spoke with journalists, answering their questions about the incident at the border and immediate plans, and literally ran around the book shelves.

Saakashvili took many pictures with the locals and bought books, including books about themselves – their policies and then show a crowd of journalists.

About an hour during one of the races at the forum, journalists were able to surround Saakashvili dense crowd, from which he was unable to get out and then he had to answer questions.

"Yesterday I heard that I was looking for. What happened yesterday? Yesterday sbushniki, who were guarding my sleep at night well, although it seems they pokemario a little bit. I am very grateful to some of the oligarchs, because the journalists associated with them, are very interested in how much is my hotel where I was staying.

And yesterday, when Lvov heard that I have a lot to pay for a hotel, decided to help me. I had twenty suggestions from them in order for me to get an apartment, and I have used one of them," explained Saakashvili, as he managed to get rid of guardianship of the SBU.

"Yesterday, when we left the hotel, the SBU immediately found out about it the second night. They made a stuffing in the mass media that Saakashvili returned to Poland, went there, I don't know in Venezuela, like it rises up some. Today the whole night looking for me.

But the Lviv side have experience on how to hide people who speak out against the tyranny of dictatorship or baryzhnyh power. I was taken out of the hotel so that the outfit SBU, several squads of the security service, who were there, they were not vigilant. I will not abuse the hospitality of the people, now I'm moving on", - finished his story the politician, then left the forum.

Recall that the Ukrainian police brought against Saakashvili a criminal case under article "Illegal transportation of persons through frontier of Ukraine", which provides imprisonment for the term from three till seven years.


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