Bortnik: Forced Ukrainization of the population of Ukraine may force the EU to lift bezviz


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Bortnik: Forced Ukrainization of the population of Ukraine may force the EU to lift bezviz

Kyiv, September 12. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik in an exclusive interview with Federal news Agency (FAN) said that Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania are unhappy with the forced Ukrainization of Ukrainian citizens, is not limited to verbal criticism, and will begin to act.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the new education law, which actually bans education in any language other than Ukrainian. It is assumed that the languages of national minorities, including Russian language, from now on, children will learn only in the lower grades. The fifth grade teaching subjects in the languages of national minorities will be canceled, and in 2020 education in Ukraine will be fully Ukrainian.

At the same time in the Russian language in Ukraine they speak and learn more than half of the citizens of the country, and according to some sources up to 80%.

Also in Ukraine, in particular areas dominated by national minorities – Hungarians, poles, Moldovans and Romanians.

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik stressed that threatened not only the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the EU, against which has made Hungary, but also a visa-free regime with Ukraine.

"the President may sign the law. Most likely, he will sign it because not signing a law, it would conflict with the right and radical part of society, and he's afraid he won't before the election to interfere with this part of society. Of course the reaction of Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, absolutely predictable. I think that soon these countries may also raise the issue of visa-free regime for Ukraine.

Because hundreds of thousands of students of schools and universities (and the Hungarians in Ukraine has its own private University) previously taught and are taught today in their languages, you lose that right in a moment, they simply take it right. The state, instead of to develop cultural diversity, rather than support of a minority (and it is obliged to do in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine), just takes away from people is a basic right. And takes absolutely totalitarian, medieval way, thereby creating areas of conflict within Ukrainian society and creating serious tension with our Western partners. Who will be forced to respond because to not respond to this situation is to lose the support of the electorate within their own countries, which is very sensitive to these linguistic, historical, humanitarian themes," said Ruslan Bortnik.

the Expert also said that the law is a positive thing – a promise to increase the salaries of Ukrainian teachers from three to six or even to ten thousand (i.e.

6 thousand rubles to 12-20 thousand rubles).

"the law is a positive things and negative. Positive – a promise to raise teachers ' salaries. Negative – a denial of the right to education in the languages of national minorities, this decrease in the number of items. Education will become more primitive.

Graduates of the Ukrainian schools will become less educated as a result of this reform. By and large it is still natureform, the full extent of its results we will be able to realize only at the beginning of the next school year. For this it is necessary to perform the law on the state budget for 2018, will there laid the money on the implementation of this reform, which by some estimates requires 280 billion UAH, or not. Depends on whether there will be it only on paper or something still to be implemented", - said Ruslan Bortnik.

Recall that the Hungarian foreign Ministry announced a boycott of Ukraine because of the new law on education, as he believes it is a "shame and disgrace".

It is reported that the Minister of foreign Affairs péter Szijjártó has ordered that the Hungarian diplomats did not support any Ukrainian initiatives in international organizations.

critics of the new Ukrainian law on education, was joined by Moldova. Moldovan President Igor Dodon called the law unfair and hopes that Ukraine will cancel the new rules. Dodon stressed that cares for the community of Romanians and Moldovans in Ukraine.

According to the Moldovan leader, this community "runs the risk of denationalization".

Romanian foreign Ministry expects that in connection with the adoption in Ukraine of the new law on the education rights of ethnic Romanians living there, are still preserved. "The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Romania, with concern noted, adopted on 5 September the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the form of the education Law, in particular article 7, which provides for education in languages of national minorities", — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

left aside and the Polish foreign Ministry — they have promised to monitor the process of implementing the new law on education. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland will closely monitor the implementation in Ukraine of the law "On education" and will take all necessary measures to ensure that poles in Ukraine, access to education in Polish language, said in a statement. "We are convinced that the Ukrainian side will stick to its commitment to hold consultations with us regarding possible regulations on the use of languages of national minorities", — said in a statement.

the reaction of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs to discuss the law and discrimination of Russian in Ukraine is still unknown.

Observers suggest that the Russian side is waiting for the signing of the document by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to see a final document and not a draft law.


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