Meeting near NBU: Utilities – 2800 hryvnias, and salary – 3500


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Meeting near NBU: Utilities – 2800 hryvnias, and salary – 3500

Kyiv, September 11. Near the National Bank building on Instytutska street in the capital of Ukraine there takes place termless meeting of opposition, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

the Rally organized by the party "For life" ("life") member of Parliament Evgeniy murayev.

Roman Sidorin, the activist of public organization "Ukraine – legal state", which supports the party "For life", has strongly criticized the government's action, describing how utility rates are correlated with the wages of workers.

"We purchase coal in the United States! We all remember the "Rotterdam+". I have a score of 1700 hryvnia only for heating! We have unreasonably high rates. Go to Dnepropetrovsk, all closer to the East.

There are all usurped by one oligarch. You view, there are some tariffs. There is one – bedroom apartment, I give the example of the city of Krivoy Rog. One bedroom apartment, spelled out two people, the heating season this year.

Utility bills totaled 2800 hryvnia per month! And this is when the salary at the plant is 3500 UAH", - said Roman Sidorin.

in addition, the activist said that the opposition will protest, despite pressure and censorship in the media.

"This government is doing everything to destroy Ukraine to destroy the Ukrainian people, to destroy the nation, destroy our children, destroy ourselves. They want us to be stupid, obedient and helpless. So, this will not happen! We will strive to meet all of our requirements to comply with constitutional human rights.

We have a beautiful Constitution, it is one of many beautifully written, only the power in her wanted to spit," said the activist.

note that this action takes place near the national Bank of Ukraine for the third day, collecting thousands of citizens, however, all major Ukrainian media ignore this protest.

the Party "For life" Evgeniy murayev is a follower of the now-banned in the Ukraine "Party of regions", positioning itself as the defender of the interests of the Eastern regions of the country.
While its leaders and activists the authorities repeatedly offered to arrest and even to destroy the opposition.

Thus, the adviser to the interior Minister Ilya Kiva said. Evgeniy murayev, for what he on his NewsOne TV channel broadcast opposition statements.


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