The next "scout APU" blown up in Kiev - he was decapitated


2017-09-08 20:00:09




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The next

Kyiv, September 8. The Toyota Camry were detonated on the street Skoropadsky about 18.10 with there being a citizen of Georgia Timur Makhauri and two passengers, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

the Car had Georgian license plates. Earlier, in January 2017 Makhauri was detained in Kiev by police because his car was similar to the car thieves, the so-called "barsetochnikov". When a Georgian was the identity of the "scout voluntary battalion behalf of Sheikh Mansour".

As the correspondent of the FAN, the man died, the child was alive, the woman is in serious condition, for her life fighting doctors.

However, some witnesses in the video, the FAN saying that the man survived, others say that he was decapitated.

Alexey Koshevar, former Deputy commander of the battalion "Holy Mary" said on Ukrainian TV that the deceased in Ukraine, positioned himself as a fighter with Kadyrov and Russia as a whole.

"Today, near the Bessarabian market was the attack in which killed a citizen of Georgia Temur Makhauri. The police initiated criminal proceedings under article 115, part 2, of the Criminal Code - deliberate murder committed by a method dangerous to the lives of others. The investigation will examine all the facts and details concerning this terrible murder. According to the media, Timur was a very outstanding person.

Three years ago, Timur was detained by Turkish authorities on suspicion of the murder of five Chechens hiding in the country from the Russian justice. The Turkish authorities and press accused him of working for the Kremlin, and Turkish media, citing the Prosecutor Ahmet Demirayak reported that Makhauri is most directly involved in the elimination of Shamil Basayev. "This prisoner (Makhauri) has prepared a truck explosion which in July 2006 was killed Basayev. Although, the sound and the assumptions that Makhauri might not know that the truck with the guns, sent them to Basayev, the KGB was filled with explosives," wrote media.

Other names of the detained: Ruslan Papaskiri and Ali Dabuev" - wrote about this in the FB member of the colleagues of the Ministry of interior of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

On TV channels of Ukraine has already begun the Orgy – where accused Russian special services.

Previously, the FAN was reported June 27 in the bombing of the car of the Ukrainian military intelligence. In Solomenskiy district of Kiev during the undermining of the Mercedes killed the head of the reserve Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Maxim Shapoval. In fact the incident was opened criminal proceedings on the terrorist attack, the investigation of which involved the military Prosecutor's office.


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