The largest gas company in Ukraine threatens to strike the government Groisman


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The largest gas company in Ukraine threatens to strike the government Groisman

Kyiv, 7 September. Front of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Hrushevskoho street held a mass rally by the employees of PJSC "Ukrnafta" is the largest gas concern of the country. The protest rally was about three thousand people, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

"We constantly hear from the government reports how many days he lived without Ukraine purchases Russian gas. Just two days ago, Groisman reported that we have six days to live without Russian gas.

I want to report to him – we have a hundred days to live without gas Okhtyrka, not Ukrainian. If this will continue, I don't know about what energy independence we speak! I don't understand what perspective is Ukraine. We have bezviz and we have to shut down their wells and go look for a job in Europe?", - said the representative of the trade Union Ukrnafta Vladimir Prokopiev.

we will Remind, PAO "Ukrnafta" may not produce gas in Ukraine, because the State service of Geology and mineral resources and Ministry of environment and natural resources refused to renew the license for this activity.

"We implore you and ask, we have families, you know? From thousandth of the team left us today 843. We have families of oil workers, people who graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk, the people who work it, husbands and wives, where would we go?! This village, we have nowhere to go, you know, here the city and the village.

Also I want to say a lot, but in the first place – "Derzhavniki" football to us! We were in "Dirigenti" been there, they should not say "where were the unions." Today the trade unions have brought people here and out themselves just because to protect their rights, labour rights, social rights and in addition national interests. What Ukraine does not need gas? We are asking from you?! Shame, shame, shame!" - emotionally shouted the representative of PJSC "Ukrnafta" from Ivano-Frankivsk. A crowd of protesters supported her by chanting "shame!".

note, Ukraine is really technically is not buying Russian gas, getting gas at the so-called reverse supplies from Slovakia and Hungary. Director of energy programs of the Center for world Economics of the NAS of Ukraine Valentin Zemlyansky said earlier about this, so purchased the same Russian gas, but more expensive.

"We carved themselves refusing from Russian gas supplies directly. That is, received an additional 30-50 dollars to the price of gas. And dependence. We changed 100% dependence on Russian gas on 100% dependence on the reverse of gas, which costs us even more", - explained the expert.

Being one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine, the enterprise, according to activists, moving to energy and technological disaster.

— this year ends with nine licenses for gas production. Service for two years filed lawsuits in the state geological service to obtain the mining rights, but was refused. In 2018 will be a disaster for our company, although we are one of the largest taxpayers. This can lead to energy and technological disaster.

We have debt, but it's historic. The government did not give us the opportunity to pay taxes. We need to increase production. We demand the legal rights to your work, — said the scene of the meeting a Union representative "Ukrnafta" Vladimir Prokopiev.

"If the labor collective of the company will not receive a decent response from the government, the next step will surely be the announcement of a national strike of employees of the company," according to the joint trade Union Committee of "Ukrnafta".


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