Settlers of Donbass in Kiev: APU kill its citizens, and the government ignores the refugees


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Settlers of Donbass in Kiev: APU kill its citizens, and the government ignores the refugees

Kyiv, 6 September. The building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the street Hrushevsky came immigrants from Eastern regions of Ukraine, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events. They demand the government to fulfill its promises on the allocation of property and the calculation of lifting for life. Now, many of the immigrants from the so-called "gray zone" say they are disappointed by the actions of the Ukrainian government.

Some admit that they did not leave their native land if they knew that Kiev would not help at the new location.

"I'm a refugee from Lugansk, associate Professor of Lugansk national University of Shevchenko, Prischepa N. p., now living and working in Kiev for three years. I am for peace, I'm for that in Ukraine no more bloodshed. So we see the Lord God is on me some plans, and others, children, women, elderly were not so fortunate as me.

By this is not passed. Thank you" - Natalia tells and shows told FAN on the medallion, made from a bullet cartridge is a heavy machine gun. According to Natalia, was fired by the APU, when she was in his house.

On the question of why the war did not end, Natalia Prischepa nods to the Parliament building behind the reporter FAN.

"You know, I'll tell you frankly that I think about it.

Just probably in this building that behind you, sit guys that a child is not playing with toy soldiers. Because the same people are smart nowadays, smart power, information war and diplomacy, and does not kill its own citizens, who also pay taxes to the army, for the maintenance of the government, for the security service and others," says University lecturer. It also adds that is a patriot of Ukraine, but is constantly faced with discrimination and humiliation that grew up and lived in Lugansk.

"And now we are enemies of country enemies? Yes, we patriots are already the fact that we are here in Kiev, and not somewhere else.

You see, I fluently speak four languages, I could be abroad, etc. and I'm in Ukraine, I teach the Ukrainian children", - said Prishchepa.

Natalia Kareva, the seamstress from Lugansk moved to Kiev from Lugansk three years ago, but was unable to solve the simplest everyday problems.

"the main problem is housing, really want to live in your house and explain to the child why each month we receive uncle and takes the money for rent.
.In addition to 880 USD per month per child, nothing more from the government not received.

This amount is paltry, you understand that our prices for communal, I'm not talking about rental housing. For us it is very noticeable. If people here are crying out for utility bills, that the bills so high. But we still pay rent, for us it is very difficult," - explains the situation Natalia Kareva.

"I agree, it is our problem, but it would be great if we are citizens of Ukraine, to the government, the experience of other countries, were doing something, fulfill obligations to us.

We are not asking for anything extra, we want housing. We don't even ask that it was special, the best. Just want to live, let it be interest, we are willing to pay, but that it was lifting for us money so we could pay and live. Free not even asking, we want something real, according to our means and opportunities.

I really want to live and I don't want to blame anyone, and I really want to chat and rejoice and laugh, to be fully human, not "internally-displaced person," says the seamstress.

Officially, the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine reports that the total payments of material assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) for the first six months of 2017, totaled over 1,449 billion, including compensation for rented accommodation, however, present stocks immigrants say they didn't see it.

it is Noteworthy that in the Ukrainian media protest rally of the IDPs are either not covered or criticized. Thus, the popular Kiev newspaper "Day" broke out a note, which blamed the immigrants for the fact that they blamed the Ukrainian government, not Russia.

"unfortunately, during the campaign on the posters its members focus on the Russian aggression against Ukraine was absent, and among the requirements included the term "compensation", which legally only confuses the situation, because to compensate for the loss of property and other losses should a country start a war, that is Russia," wrote columnist Kiev newspaper Valentyn Torba.

note, the civil war in East Ukraine began in spring 2014 after the coup, held in February 2014 in Kiev with the direct financial and organizational backing of the US and Western Europe.

the Nationalists are supported by the army attacked the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, trying to get Russian inhabitants of these regions to recognize the superiority of the Ukrainian nation, language, history and culture. During the civil war more than two million residents of Donbass fled to Russia, about a million to Ukraine.


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