Ukrainian pensioners took to the Verkhovna Rada for the money: "Give money!"


2017-09-05 16:00:12




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Ukrainian pensioners took to the Verkhovna Rada for the money:

Kyiv, September 5. The building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the street Hrushevskoho were pensioners, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events. They require MPs and the government money on social programs for the poor and for the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and other programs.

the Parliament Building was surrounded by police officers and national guardsmen, furthermore nearby, was on duty about twenty army trucks and buses with soldiers.

One of the leaders of the activists told the pensioners that he was able to speak to MPs and even to receive a written response, but the result was not satisfied.

"the Answer I have, may show: "We'll be there to do pension reform, fuck all of you". Why the hell I was fourth to bring everyone here? With them nothing to talk about, you know, you have to talk to people. So, look, we need to raise people. I suggest, I'll determine what I need, who will, who will not.

I can't do something to change, for two years I went, I asked, and here come these bitches and tell us that there is no money. 57 billion of taxes not paid these Akhmetov and Kolomoisky, the patriots. 57 billion, good people! Understand this. 20 billion, 20 billion folks, this is a joke? 20 billion on roads, 4 billion for it! Give grandmother! The security forces 130 billion! It was impossible for one billion here and there to cut you and the hospital to pay?", - angrily shouted the speaker.

Next to him stood a man with a homemade poster that contains the following text: "Power from the President to village heads in the state offices polyublyayut embezzlers, thugs, liars, judges Kozlov, deputies morons, protects them from deserved punishment, blatantly lying to naive Europeans."

Retirees were outraged by the situation for several hours, but the evening went.

The cordon of police and military was not withdrawn. As told the FAN the security forces unofficially, it is now a cordon around the Parliament, government buildings and the presidential administration will continuously, because the authorities expect a "hot autumn" and preparing for massive riots.


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