The Kyiv Prosecutor's office supported the neo-Nazis during the pogroms, businesses are fleeing the city


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The Kyiv Prosecutor's office supported the neo-Nazis during the pogroms, businesses are fleeing the city

Kyiv, September 4. Mayhem furniture store "Emporium" on the street Grushevskogo ended the criminal case but not against neo-Nazis – claims brought against the owner of the destroyed shop. About it the correspondent Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

On the street Grushevskogo nationalists of the "National body" and other neo-Nazi organizations came on Sunday evening to avenge the store owner Igor Dotsenko for erased from the walls of the facade graffiti with the image of writers Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka. Graffiti were painted on walls during the riots in February 2014.

In social networks, the nationalists called on the allies to punish the businessman, who dared to bring the walls in order:
"We invite Kiev today at 15:00 join us on the street Grushevskogo in the place where was the graffiti to preserve cultural monuments during the Revolution. Will not allow vandals to avoid responsibility! We promise in advance to provide the author with drawings with the pseudonym "Sociopath" protection to ensure that he regained his work."

Appeared on the scene, activists smashed all the shop Windows, pelted the walls with eggs and cans of paint, and burned tires on the porch in front of him.

in addition, the facade was decorated with inscriptions: "Never do that again!", "Don't mess with us!" "Death to the cops!", "The Wali (swearing) in its Muscovy!", "Huckster, don't touch the story!" and others.

it is Noteworthy that the criticism of the police was clearly excessive here – arrived at the scene of the pogrom, the police even tried to stop the neo-Nazis. Men in uniform just stood nearby, watching as raiding someone else's property.

the Ukrainian mass media supported the pogrom. Here is how he described the situation of the national TV channels:

"In protest against the actions of management of the store, committed a crime outside the shop burning tires and the process of decorating shop Windows in Patriotic slogans. Has occurred and a verbal altercation with the police, who never gave answer of where was her staff when destroying legendary Ukrainian cultural landmark".

moreover, as later reported, the Verkhovna Rada Yuriy Lutsenko, Kyiv Prosecutor's office opened criminal proceedings, quote, "for the destruction of graffiti, which occurred in the course of historical events of the "revolution of Dignity" on the facade of the house on the street".

"As you know, the order of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine N869 from 15.10.2014, the place of fighting and mass death of citizens in the street Hrushevskoho in Kiev, during the protests in February 2014 related to cultural heritage, damage to, or destruction of which entails criminal liability under article 298 UK of Ukraine ("destruction, destruction or damage of monuments of history or culture"). In addition, the business of the vandals with the "Emporium" near future, carefully check all state regulatory authorities.

Together we are strong", - the Deputy wrote on his Facebook page.

the Owner of furniture salon "Emporium" Igor Dotsenko stated that closes up shop. In addition, he was named all event a "political provocation".

"Saturday I arrived at work about 12 days and saw on the facade paints graffiti by an unknown man on the ladder. I got out of the car, walked over and asked what he was doing, he did not answer anything intelligible. And then I was approached by Vera Savchenko, sister of the people's Deputy Hope Savchenko, called me by name and asked why we erase graffiti.

I replied that it's not us, the man with the ladder I don't know. And here she began to photograph me and to reproach, that we wash Patriotic graffiti. I think I became a victim of provocation," - said Igor Dotsenko told reporters.

Interviewed by a journalist FAN workers from nearby shops and cafes reported that fear for their business and health.

"no one will protect Us, neither the police nor private security.

Everyone is afraid of the activists, they can do anything, even burn the school, no one will be punished. Many go out of business in Kiev, it's too dangerous," - said the FAN of one of the saleswomen, who asked not to remove it.

Indeed, observers called Kiev the most dangerous city in the world. In the latest rating of "Global Liveability Report 2017", held The Economist Intelligence Unit, Kiev became the last top ten cities for quality of life and security of business:

131. Kiev (Ukraine)

Douala (Cameroon)
133. Harare (Zimbabwe)
134. Karachi (Pakistan)
135. Algeria (Algeria)

Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)
137. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
138. Tripoli (Libya)
139. Lagos (Nigeria).


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