Forced Ukrainization: the Kiev subway completely expelled Russian language


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Forced Ukrainization: the Kiev subway completely expelled Russian language

Kyiv, September 1. Forced Ukrainization of Russian in Ukraine led to a natural result – the country's capital, where Russian language is spoken by 50-70% of the citizens are completely forbidden Russian advertising.

moreover, all advertising spaces in obligatory accompanied by the so-called social (and in fact, Russophobic) advertising. The correspondent reports about it Federal news Agency (FAN) events from the Kiev metro.

So, among the posters, made only in the Ukrainian language, on Ukrainian written text in the style of the Nazi posters of the Nazi occupation.

"the Ukrainians! Go to Ukrainian movu! Talk to the state national move! Ukrainian mova is our contribution to the victory over the aggressor."

Compare with the occupation of the poster of times of the great Patriotic war:

You can also see in the video, which captured the journey on the escalators of the metro station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" that sees regular passenger of the Kiev metro every day.

Paradoxically, in addition to urgent calls for citizens to move from Russian to Ukrainian language in Kiev subway is still a lot of advertising English and German courses.

At the same time in the Kiev subway no ads in the Russian language – used only Ukrainian and English.

note, in 2017 on the territory of Ukraine there are only 9.4% of the state schools where education is conducted in Russian language. In 16 Western and Central regions of Ukraine for 2017 were 26 Russian schools, that is 0.2% of the total. In the traditionally Russian-speaking Odessa region in 2017 there are only 30.6 per cent of Russian schools.

In Kiev, a Ukrainian-language schools now is 97.1 %, Russian is almost gone, although in everyday life the majority of citizens speak Russian.

"All the laws adopted in the humanitarian sector, aiming at the discrimination of the Russian language. All personnel processes in the humanitarian sphere is maintained. In Kiev still no Russian-language kindergarten, despite the fact that more than half of living in Kiev and our compatriots at home and at work speak Russian. The dictates of language use in services, in shops, clinics, hospitals, all institutions total! While the Russian language on our territory was not so much a language of Russian as language of interethnic communication between people of more than 130 nationalities," - he wrote on this occasion, the Kyiv journalist and writer Elena Markosyan.

Recall from 1 September 2017 entered into force after a decision according to which the citizens of Ukraine, the Russian language will be much easier to receive Russian citizenship.

So, the press center of the Russian foreign Ministry said: "the Ukrainian citizen, which is recognized as native Russian language, a statement about the desire to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation from September 1, you must provide a notarized copy of the disclaimer from the existing citizenship of Ukraine".

Thus, those citizens of Ukraine who follow the calls of the local propaganda and go to the MOV, will not be able to apply for Russian citizenship.


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