Kiyani singing plaintive songs about Ilovajskij boiler and criticize Poroshenko


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Kiyani singing plaintive songs about Ilovajskij boiler and criticize Poroshenko

Kyiv, August 29. In the capital of Ukraine commemorative events on the anniversary of the deaths of hundreds of servicemen of the armed forces and militants of the nationalist battalions under Ilovaiskaya. The correspondent reports about it Federal news Agency (FAN) events, Mykhailivska square.

the Exposition at St. Michael's square worked on 28 and 29 August, are the days when there was ilovaisky defeat.

On the square are placed the Windows, where they posted pictures of dead soldiers and militants. From time to time to fit the front Windows of the platoon APU and clumsily, making mistakes in every movement, the breech, lays the flowers. Each such share off dozens of reporters.

On the stage are performances. So, the man in black mourning embroidery announced from the stage that represents the rock band "Ilovajskij boiler" and sang the same song in which were the following words:

Ilovaysk was covered with cloud infidel wings "Tulip"
Animals dismembered corpses and bloody beat fountain
Animals dismembered corpses and bloody beat fountain
All who survived, did not believe what terrible of all the beasts
Is a soldier that hates Ukraine and people
Is a soldier that hates Ukraine and people
We don't forget, we will remember that we
While the Russians in Ukraine face tents
While the Russians in Ukraine face tents
Fly crazy years, of die tribe of infidels!

the singer received the liquid applause, but remained on the scene for a long time, a few singing the same content of the songs.

the crowd observed opponents of President Poroshenko is quite marginal. They were holding a poster with the words: "Begone, Satan from Ukraine. Poroshenko is not satisfied with the poor Ukrainians."

the Singer on stage was replaced by an eyewitness and participant of Ilovaisky boiler, who told his version of those events.

"About the way the military group of Ilovaysk from the Ilovaisk operation as a whole. Began 29 and August lined up in two columns in the village Mnohopillya on two specific areas.

It was a military column, which was preparing to exit. I was in one of those columns and watched as negotiations were taking place between our command under the command of General Hamakom and command of the militia. From half a kilometer to a kilometer from our column on the road stood separ watch and there were negotiations, each side stood a jeep.
We waited probably 30-40 minutes, then General homchak returned and asked: "Commander, tell me".
General homchak told that we have offered to surrender their weapons and walk.

From the multi player to a territory that was controlled by Ukrainian army, it was more than forty miles. We were offered a shameful column walk from the multi player to our site.
- Your decision?
General homchak said, "Let's go for a breakthrough".
Then there are the last question from one of the Vice-Hamakom:

- General, as we will unfold in the order of battle?
- No.

- All our equipment is faulty and empty, we ended up artillery shells, ammunition, were only small arms ammunition and hand grenades. So we go, breaking through, to go for a breakthrough in the marching column.
After that, he made roll for the battalion and ordered: "Forward." Most of the people who were in the convoy, it was clear that all is not so simple, and nature itself, we talked about it," he finished his story, a sad witness.

Recall, Kiev officially acknowledged the death of only 366 Ilovaysk soldiers, but independent observers say that the authorities were not included in the number of people killed almost a thousand so-called volunteers.

Previously FANG reported that on St.

Michael's square for the first time in three years to stop the war in the East.


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