The first tentative anti-war rally was held in Kiev on Mikhaylovskaya square


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The first tentative anti-war rally was held in Kiev on Mikhaylovskaya square

Kyiv, August 28. In the capital of Ukraine was held a commemorative event for the first time in three years, suddenly there were demands to stop the war in the East, the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

Officially, the event was called the campaign "Ilovaysk - 2014: time does NOT heal", and she was devoted to the anniversary of the defeat of the expeditionary corps of the armed forces. The event was attended by representatives of the Ukrainian public organization "Association of wives and mothers of soldiers-participants of anti-terrorist operation", as well as members of paramilitary nationalist groups.

"I am the mother of Dima Janochkina. He died in Shirokino on the banner.

He is survived by two children, the youngest just turned eight. Tell me please, who needs this damned war? Who will answer us, mothers, wives, sisters, children. Who want to see the Pope, and not to arrive at the grave with flowers. Children should not ask: what am I, dad will never see? Who will answer us? Who we look you in the eye? When the children were killed, we were promised a lot.

Now we do not need anyone", - said from the rostrum of the mother of one of the victims.

Another woman said that the government took the relatives of dead servicemen of the armed forces and requires from them the reimbursement of unpaid taxes, which in the beginning of the war, promised not to take those lured into the ranks of the APU volunteers.

"My mom never talks about their problems, and the problem is serious. Mum retirement age, she retired working, and by law, it did not take, do not withhold tax as the (other) working pensioners. And then, after three years, 2014 is already far, the officials changed their minds and now it was billed at twenty thousand, which she will have to pay. And so mothers you, mom please, mom crying, and they with pain in the heart of the house, near the monuments to his sons," - said the woman.

the Other woman is very emotionally shouted into the microphone:
"We need to stop this war.

Stop! I want to gather all the people who are against this war, to put the government to the negotiating table. To solve the right words, not tanks!".

the Event took place on the background of shop Windows, where he was exposed to photos of dead militants. Strolling through the square, the citizens curiously watched the faces of dead soldiers, some brought to the showcase flowers.

note, in the Ukrainian mass media this event was presented as anti-Russian, and the words of mothers about the necessity of ending the war has not been cited on any of the channels, so the real events where Ukrainians can only judge by the reports in the independent media.

it is Noteworthy that the official Kyiv recognizes the death under Ilovaiskaya only 366 military personnel, but independent observers say that authorities are not included in the number of people killed almost a thousand so-called volunteers.

the Exposition at St. Michael's square will run on 28 and 29 August, are the days when there was ilovaisky defeat.


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