Bush legs don't belong here: the legendary exhibition "AGRORUS" showed the breadth of the Russian soul. FAN TV


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Bush legs don't belong here: the legendary exhibition

international exhibition-fair "Agrorus-2017" in full swing, in the inner pavilions of "Expoforum", stands of the participants of the agricultural rally, are events within the business program. This event is considered one of the most important in Russia, according to the Ministry of agriculture. Crew FAN-TV continues to follow the course of the event.

this year "Agrorus" brought together participants from all over Russia and neighboring countries, however, have the highest representation, of course, the domestic manufacturer. On this topic at the exhibition hosts many conferences and round tables.

The main idea of all of the talks was the strengthening of the agricultural sector, the import substitution program and support Russian farmers. A separate day devoted large industrial enterprises and private farms directly in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Inspection stands personally met Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

the film Crew FAN-TV also talked with exhibitors about the changing role of farmers and pastoralists in recent years. The head of administration of Kirovsky district Andrew Vitko, for example, said the following:

– To date on our territory are two of the largest poultry farm: "sinyavinskaya" is the production of eggs and the production of broiler meat.

These businesses make a huge contribution to the production of agricultural products not only in Leningrad region, but we can say, the whole of Russia.

In recent years implemented various programs to maintain a domestic producer. As they are reflected in the Kirov region?

Now there are programs of support for farmers, support for farmers to compensate for feed, milk. Poultry farm "sinyavinskaya" today produces 3 250 000 eggs per day! So, in the territory of the Leningrad region, the substitution for egg and meat chickens closed 100%, it is unique.

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During the presentation of the projects of the ability of domestic producers has been repeatedly emphasized by figures, facts and even humorous ditties. The exhibition "Agrorus" even though he has a business character, but the atmosphere still close, that is, to the people: many guests at the booth are welcomed with bread and salt, in national costumes and folk instruments in his hands.

it is Noteworthy that the age range of participants was wide, with many projects submitted by young people, which the Russian government tries to involve in the agro sector.

How these attempts are successful, reporters, FAN TV told Inga Maslova, head of the Department of Economics in the Vsevolozhsk district.

– We, our farmers are always welcome to participate in various programs to support farmers. Together with the agro-industrial complex of the Leningrad region developed different types of subsidies. Individual support goes to beginning farmers, which is important for further development, formation of young farmers. We try to help them to deal with the land and generally to promote the direction of agricultural production.

– as far As youth is interested in this industry, what do you think?

the Youth need to introduce a direction to engage it, then it becomes interesting.

When young people see how to begin development, they believe that it is very difficult. But when they realize that they do not leave, and support, of course, already addicted to the process and further develop. Many start small-small steps to grow, some even with personal farms eventually moves to higher levels.

However, agribusiness is not limited to the maintenance of animal agriculture and the cultivation of fruit-bearing crops. Another great chunk of the industry – hunting.

Legally, of course. Fish and animals in their natural habitat today is considered not only as a private hobby, but also as one of the components of food security. About it, presenting the stand of the Committee on protection, control and regulation of use of objects of fauna, correspondents FAN TV told Pavel Glazkov, St. Petersburg professional Taxidermist who even founded in the Leningrad region the New Zoological Museum.

– Today is a very important knowledge about proper hunting management.

I want to remind you that hunting is a little different from swine, sheep or other livestock. Now, generally, animals like elks and wild boars are considered as strategic reserves of Russia. They are constantly in the woods, and there is such a thing as food security. And hunting are part of the security of our country.

But, like any economy, it should be conducted. We need to protect, wisely to extract, to withdraw a certain surplus, to the harmonious development of the next. As if it is contradictory it may sound, agriculture has a farm.

In the course of conferences and round tables, the participants stressed that agriculture Russia once again can be called a competitive country. And the impetus for the dynamic development was the deterioration of trade relations with the Western colleagues.

it Remains to add that this year at the international exhibition "Agrorus" involved more than 3,000 professionals representing small, medium and large forms of agriculture.

To buy the products of Russian farmers, it is still possible to open the Fair which will continue until 27 August.

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