Poroshenko doesn't trust his army of officers humiliating searched the guards right on Khreshchatyk


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Poroshenko doesn't trust his army of officers humiliating searched the guards right on Khreshchatyk

Kyiv, August 24. The day of the so-called independence of Ukraine during the parade on Khreshchatyk with the participation of units of NATO countries hundreds of officers were publicly subjected to humiliating procedures by guards, Petro Poroshenko. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency (FAN) recorded on video, as the guards unceremoniously rummage in the pants of the officers, looking for prohibited items.

As reported later told FAN the officers, inspecting troops informed was always blamed on the officers themselves admitted to the parade.

"But such a humiliation to us in the square were forced to stand with their hands up, and Shpak poked us in the codpiece detectors had never been available before.

Perhaps this is due to the arrival of the head of the Pentagon James Mattis, but this is the behavior of the guards does not justify. And note, the NATO troops they were not searched", - indignantly said the FAN APU officers. However, some of the officers during the search humbly smiled.

What was looking in the pants of the officers of the guards Poroshenko, remains unclear – a weapon that is used in parades, always inspected beforehand. All weapons, including military equipment, on the eve of the event deprived not only of ammunition but also of significant details to make the shot.

The soldiers had the impression that the guards were looking for grenades, apparently for fear of protests of nationalists, like the incident two years ago in front of the Parliament that killed four soldiers.

After searches of the Ukrainian military personnel was admitted to the parade, which arrived Petro Poroshenko. Correspondent FAN took a funny episode when APU soldiers corrected touching each other blue scarves and berets, apparently already having adapted to European values.

Just down the main street of the capital marched about 4.5 thousand soldiers, of which more than a thousand - participants of military operations in the Donbass, during which the civilian population of the region, predominantly Russian, trying to subordinate the Ukrainian nationalists.

note, for the first time in the Ukrainian military parade was attended by the military of nine States-members of NATO: USA, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, the UK. In addition, the square were Moldovans and Montenegrins.

the Passage of a platoon of American soldiers was accompanied by shouts from the audience "America is with us!" "Glory To America!".

Later on Khreshchatyk could see passers-by, wrapped in American flags, who shouted "Glory to Ukraine!" and "Ukraine above all!".

Immediately after the parade, military personnel, armed forces and NATO on Khreshchatyk were paramilitary nationalists.

the Order in the capital provides more than ten thousand police officers.


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