Museum of Donbass in St. Petersburg survived the first provocation: It was the work of Right sector. FAN TV


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Museum of Donbass in St. Petersburg survived the first provocation: It was the work of Right sector. FAN TV

Another day at the office for the Museum of valor Donbas began with the alarm. In the night from 22 to 23 August, the building was attacked by unknown persons. was disrupted plaques with the name of the institution, torn mesh on the front grille, and doors are broken bottles. Who and what made a hard-hitting action, while the head of the Museum Herman Vladimirov is in DNI to the charity event, is not known.

But other members of the project shared with the crew FAN-TV his thoughts on this subject.

Every day at 11 o'clock in the morning Dmitry Morenkov, the Museum opens doors to visitors. This time the work of the institution had to be suspended.

I walked up to the bars and saw a broken bottle, he says. – At first I thought local bullies. In the first place, checked out, damaged something inside, or missing exhibits.

Then walked outside the room, was ripped down signs. We are already not the first year there, and we have a certain category of people who we "don't like". It's either the liberals or fascists, or some citizens of Ukraine, who came here supposedly to work, and themselves – former members of the ATU and support them.

Dmitry Manaenkov also assumes that "action" could be timed to the Day of "independence" of Ukraine, which in Soviet times was celebrated on 24 August, or to the anniversary of Ilovaisky boiler (battle for Ilovaysk began in August 2014, and by the end of the month forces DND took the city under its control – approx. ed.).

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His version of correspondents voiced Konstantin Vulkov, Deputy Director of the Museum of valor Donbass.

who do you think could do it, and I wanted to Express a similar gesture?

– first, it was very unpleasant.

We hinted that in the near future provocations are possible. We were preparing for this, but I didn't think it would be so small and dirty. Ran, stripped, filled, cut and ran. there are two options.

Or is our liberal layer that for some reason hates the activities we undertake, although it is a constructive activity to preserve the memory. Or is it a "gentlemen" who consider themselves the followers of the Right sector, because such cases have been repeatedly – and in the old room, when we were on fire. Perhaps "gentlemen", who are for a United Ukraine, which again refer to the first and second stratum.

Museum just outside under attack, nothing inside was not damaged?

Inside, thank God, no. Was cut mesh.

We fear more for what coming to us people would cut their feet on shards, so now everything is quickly put in order. Stripped of all signs, decals. It's probably the most disgusting. After all, did people with disabilities (people with disabilities – approx.

ed.). They make it with heart, with all my heart. But some "breeders" rode. shouting, swearing stripped it all, bill.

We told the neighbors, no one saw, but in the apartments heard. And I don't think it was the usual bullies.

whether to contact the police, representatives of the Museum has not yet decided. The outdoor surveillance cameras there, so set the attackers would be nearly impossible, said Konstantin Vulkov. In General, such "confrontations" project creators have become accustomed, said the Deputy head.

However, the current incident, he said, more like a small dirty trick than a serious provocation. The Museum staff also do not rule out that this is only a warning from the enemies, and in the future possible more serious attacks.

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