Power unconquered: Kiev showed on Khreshchatyk military equipment to kill the residents of Donbass


2017-08-23 14:45:18




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Power unconquered: Kiev showed on Khreshchatyk military equipment to kill the residents of Donbass

Kyiv, August 23. On the eve of independence Day on Khreschatyk put military equipment in the framework of the exhibition, which he called "the power of the unconquered", the correspondent of Federal news Agency (FAN) events.

On the main Avenue of the capital of the country exhibited 67 pieces of equipment: self-propelled artillery, tanks, missile systems, trucks, etc. Similar technique is used on the Eastern front during the operation pacify the rebellious people of Eastern Ukraine.

All equipment is marked with characteristic symbols, reminiscent of the German cross during the Third Reich.

it is Noteworthy that all equipment not produced in Ukraine, and remained in the country after the partition of the USSR, and many of the car presents made in 60-ies of the last century.

So, at the exhibition you can see a mobile tactical missile launcher "Scud" - it painted a fresh coat of paint to hide the age of an old woman (over 50 years).

the Organizers were proud to report that at the end of the exhibition (after August 27) all this equipment, including missile systems "BUK", howitzers and other heavy weapons, will give the Ukrainian troops to the Eastern front. This action is in direct violation "of the Minsk agreements" prohibiting the supply of heavy weapons to the area of the civil conflict.

according to observers, the exhibition corresponds to its name – indeed, the residents of Donbass in 2014 demonstrate the strength of unconquered, refusing to surrender to the Kiev neo-Nazis even under artillery and rocket fire.

we will Remind, on August 24 Ukraine celebrates the Day of independence from Russia. In this regard, on the Khreshchatyk will be a military parade with participation of military personnel of NATO countries.


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