Down street sweep: FAN working journalists in Donetsk under fire APU


2017-01-26 19:58:54




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Down street sweep: FAN working journalists in Donetsk under fire APU

Correspondent Federal news Agency visited one of the hot spots of Donbass — holiday village Gaburici, which is exposed to fire from the Ukrainian positions even from small arms.

On the way to the village unfolds the picture of this Apocalypse: in the window of the car floats riddled with shrapnel and bullets stele with the inscription "Donetsk", collapsed sections of the bridge, and bullets pierced the guardrail. In Abunimah this impression is only strengthened: around literally no one whole house, and we are not talking about a single bullet or fragments, and dusted the corners of buildings, explosions demolished the roof and punched through the walls.

Among the men protecting the village, we met our old friend — a paramedic with the call sign "Trinity", who agreed to answer questions about the situation and my work as a medic.

"the Situation is tense, but we don't give up and never give up, stand and will stand. Thank God, the guys have already taught, and no injuries. Although the weather is cold, and sometimes the guys get sick, but do everything you need to get better".

We donned flak jackets and helmets and followed the officer with the call sign "Alabai", which led us to the position.

On the way we heard the sound of a chainsaw: one of the soldiers explained to us that she is working on the Ukrainian position, which is literally on the doorstep. When it was passed a little more than half way, shots rang out.

"now you hurry and get down, street sweep" — has ordered us Alabai.

Pretty knocking the breath, we finally reached the trenches of the Armed forces of the DNI, where they could breath. Exposing themselves to considerable risk, Oleg got up on the parapet, where I could shoot the position of APU: it was possible to disassemble and waving flags, and buildings, which are equipped with firing positions. According to fighters, the nearest Ukrainian position is 250 metres away and the farthest a little more than a kilometer.

After that we went down to the dugout where they asked Alabi and other fighters about the situation on the ground and in the village: "the Situation at the moment is this: quiet, calm, seems to be an agreement from both sides.

But it to night, and in the evening we begin a very full life. Work in the us from LNG, BMP-1, BMP-2, AGS, heavy "Rock", APC, PC, of small, of course, RPG, ATGM. They have this in abundance, share always".

On the way back the fire in our direction, no one answered, and we managed to get to the car and go back.


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