The law on benefits to victims on "Maidan" is a cynical SOP – analyst


2017-11-14 21:15:07




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The law on benefits to victims on

Kyiv, November 14. the Verkhovna Rada Adopted the law on granting benefits to victims on the Maidan demonstrates the cynicism of the current Ukrainian authorities. This was stated by economist and political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

"Hit the entire population of Ukraine, injured, law enforcement officials, many died, many suffered gunshot wounds. More than 900 people were killed and wounded.

To talk about how to provide benefits to those people — some consciously, others unconsciously — went to "independence" and participated in the collapse of the state, is the cynicism of the current government", — quotes the words of an expert .

According to the Dudchak, the Maidan was attended by two categories of people – those who destroy the Ukrainian state, not realizing the consequences of their actions, and those who did it deliberately – out of selfish motives.

the Analyst pointed out that with such "cynical handouts" the government is closing the mouths of those who are trying to be indignant.


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