Hunting for veterans: Parliament is preparing to turn war veterans into "domestic separatists"


2017-11-14 18:45:09




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Hunting for veterans: Parliament is preparing to turn war veterans into

the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was removed from the law "On status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection" any mention of the great Patriotic war (WWII). According to the amendments voted 241 MPs, the terms "Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945", "the Great Patriotic war and war with Japan" and "the War in 1945 with Imperial Japan" everywhere replaced by "Second world war".

According to political analyst Alexander Asafova, the elimination of the concept of "Great Patriotic war" of the Ukrainian legislation potentially could be the first step to "decommunization" and the participants in the war against Nazi Germany.

"In a country where at the state level, prohibited the main symbol of victory banner of Soviet Union that the red Army soldiers hoisted over the Reichstag — the veterans of the great Patriotic war will definitely have problems. The task of Parliament and the task of post-Maidan Ukrainian government in General is the same: they strive to make as comfortable as possible the existence of two groups of people. First, those who fought on the side of the "Ukrainian insurgent army" (UPA, an extremist organization banned in Russia) and other Pro-Hitler groups, for example, the motto of the SS "Galicia".

Secondly, the so-called "ATO veterans". Only these two categories of people, according to the new Ukrainian authorities can now be called veterans. Not Chernobyl veterans, not veterans of Afghanistan, not other soldiers-internationalists not considered in Ukraine, the real patriots who shed their blood for their country," said Asaph, in an interview with Federal news Agency.

of Course, to make amendments to the Ukrainian law "On status of war veterans" threatened to the survived participants of the great Patriotic war many adversities. Today's vote in Parliament is just the first step.

Nevertheless, the potential already it one can endanger the social benefits which they benefit.

"Their position is under threat. I am sure that the Ukrainian government will systematically deprive many veterans owed them benefits and privileges. Some who will be to blame — even to be tried for heroism and feats performed on the sidelines of the Second world war. Thus the Ukrainian authorities black out a shared, common past of his country with Russia.

In the new Ukrainian history, in the new state myth, there is only an existing or fictional, which is beneficial for the current political system. In this new Ukrainian history there is no great Patriotic war, but only the attack of the Soviet Union on a number of neighbouring countries. In this new history, the real patriots of Ukraine, fought against fascism, and with the Soviet Union and — as a side note, reservations with Hitler, too," continues Asaph.

Now the Ukrainian authorities to systematically deprive veterans of their heroic status, in the future they can try to turn them from heroes into "bad guys".

"dear veterans of the great Patriotic war is not nothing to worry about. Sooner or later they will be open ideological hunting, similar to that in the regions adjacent to the contact line, is already underway on the so-called "domestic separatists".

Parliament is preparing to turn the veterans of the great Patriotic war, "domestic separatists". If Ukraine is able to deprive people of their civil rights and even ownership, as long as they do business on the grounds that they allegedly support the idea of independence of Donbass, it is able to do the same thing with the surviving veterans," concludes Alexander Asaph.


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