The Verkhovna Rada wants "dekommunizirovat" Christmas


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The Verkhovna Rada wants

Kyiv, November 14. In the Verkhovna Rada proposed to carry out so-called "de-communization" of Christmas. With this offer from the podium was made by Ukrainian Deputy Eugene rybczynski.

In the Ukrainian Parliament proposed to move the celebration of Christmas from 7 January to 25 December. According to him, only 3 of the 15 Orthodox churches in the world celebrate this holiday after the New year.

He also added that in the 1923 pan-Orthodox Council in Constantinople, called on to celebrate Christmas on December 25.

"And only the countries that were under significant influence of the Soviet Union, did not agree then to implement the decisions of the Cathedral," said rybczynski.

"Russia has never perceived the European aspirations of an independent Ukraine — continued Ukraine.

And one of those aspirations — to return to the Christian values on which European civilization".

the Deputy called for "dekommunizirovat" Christmas and to postpone his celebration in December.

it is Worth noting that in the Soviet period, Christmas was not celebrated at all, since on the territory of the state was formally proclaimed atheism. The authorities actively fought against any manifestation of religion.

Earlier it was reported that Parliament intends to consider making a festive day December 25 – Catholic Christmas


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