Neighbors supported Serduchka, calling the idea to punish the artists for the tour in Russia "wildest"


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Neighbors supported Serduchka, calling the idea to punish the artists for the tour in Russia

the Singer and entertainer Andrei Danilko popularly known as Verka Serduchka, has criticized the initiative of the journalist eider Murzabaeva punish Ukrainian artists for tours in Russia. According to Danilko, "artists are people too", in addition, the country has bigger problems.

a well-Known journalist, one of the mentors of past seasons of "X Factor Ukraine" Sergei Neighbors in an interview with Federal news Agency stressed that "the situation is the wildest" and "Ukraine today is a sick country".

"I don't know what journalists write. The artist certainly has the right to choose where to play, where to go, where to tour and where not to tour.

To deny someone a license? I something do not understand. If the country is not pleasing to the artist, he was not invited to this country and simply refuse to performances. That's all. To deprive someone of something — it's weird and stupid" comments to FAN of Sergei's Neighbors.

In an interview with "Obozrevatel" Danilko said that the tour and the choice of the country in which they are held, is a private matter of each artist.

In addition, he added that actors are also people who are trying to "survive" in the current circumstances.

"Other issues in the country? <.> Artists are also people who are trying to survive in the current "perfect" conditions," — said the actor.

Danilko does not see anything wrong with that "everyone is looking for work."

"the Last time I was in Russia, was passing a hotel — it is half of our people. From Western Ukraine employees were someone else On them too this will spread or what?" asked Danilko.

Those artists who criticize their colleagues for a tour in Russia, says Verka Serduchka, just jealous.

"They are a tragedy to talk about it. Yes, I understand that this is a fundamental and very delicate issue, but artists are people too — emphasizes the performer. — They need to somehow feed groups, to provide Studio and the materials.

And if you cannot earn if do not have the amount of work.".

Danilko not the only actor who toured in Russia. Some of the stars and all settled in Russia. In the Kremlin hosted the annual ceremony music awards "Golden gramophone". The award was received from six Ukrainian musicians: Michael Jackson, Ani Lorak, Povaliy, Sofia Rotaru, LOBODA (Svetlana Loboda) and Max Barskih.

Ukrainian media have criticized the performances. The most active criticism of the awarding of Sofia Rotaru, which honored the statuette was handed to the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova. TSN TV journalists even contacted her son to discuss the behavior of the mother.

"I can say that Sonya Rotaru is no longer Ukrainian artist, she is a Soviet singer.

Lorak and go to work in Russia, and they are persona non grata in Ukraine. They have long Russian artists. They do not have to Ukraine is irrelevant. LOBODA – Ukrainian fashion artist, but at home, she fell out of favour," — said the Neighbors.

According to him, politics should not act on artists on both sides of the border.

"In Ukraine, a tour of our Russian artists are now engaged in the SBU.

It was there that decide whom to admit and whom not to admit. This is the situation and idea wild. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. If it would have the FSB has determined to whom in Russia to act, and who does not.

Ukraine is a sick country, of course, — concluded the interlocutor FAN of Sergei's Neighbors. — She's sick and very hard. The fact that our actors now are unable to act in Ukraine — it's sad, but it's bad for the public, which is in no way to blame. Authority so decides.

And the audience waiting for our Ukrainian artists. I also removed from the show for purely political reasons."

earlier, the Ukrainian journalist muzhdabaev said that the Verkhovna Rada is obliged legally to solve the issue of the tour of Ukrainian artists in Russia. He suggested to remove the pop stars of licenses on tour in his native country.


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