"Thor", "Shell" and the others, Russia has a barrier from the Ukrainian drones


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on the Evening of 12 November, aerial objects, discovered operating in the automatic mode to the Russian radar station, made inconsistent crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border in the region of Bryansk. EN route at a speed of 130 km/h the object was identified as a Ukrainian drone.

next day information about the incident appeared in the media.

do Not underestimate Ukraine

unfortunately, the report did not mention the fate of the drone. If he was shot down, continued the flight over the territory of Russia or back at the "zero" to the public remains unknown, which is quite strange. Seems quite logical along with the publicity given to the violation of Russian airspace to sound and what happened with the offender.

the Fact that this was not done, as well as the absence of any photographs, leads to the conjecture that, most likely, the drone was not "grounded".

Perhaps for the reason that, after passing over the border, the drone was immediately returned back into the airspace of Ukraine. Otherwise, leave Drona failed.

Also perplexing cause the next quoted in the press the words of the source who reported this incident: "the Drone was apparently trying to cross the border undetected due to the high cruising speed." The fact that the high air velocity of the object is not an obstacle for contemporary Russian means of radar detection. Twilight or night-time Drona also no help.

not to be unfounded, recall that the Russian self-propelled air defense missile-gun complex "Pantsir-S1" in any time of the day is able to detect and eliminate air targets, even if they are your size — not more than a tennis ball. This complex can successfully hit targets moving at speeds of 1000 m/s.

in other words, "Carapace-C1" is able to shoot down rockets. For him to find and capture a drone, moving at a speed of 130 km/h — quite a simple task.

"Shell" has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to combat drones as in field and combat conditions. For example, in the spring and summer of 2014, located in the Crimea "Shells" repeatedly destroyed near the border drones, salecause in Russian air space from Ukraine. Later sent to Syria Shells able to effectively protect the Russian air base "Hamim" as terrorists from drones and fired by militants with rockets.

But back to 12 November.

what Happened on this day, the event obviously proves that Ukraine has and the drones, and the desire to use them in the Russian border areas.

you Can endlessly laugh at the Ukrainian DIY in the field of BLAH — like shown at the exhibition "the Weapon that BEZPEKA-2017" shock "flying stool" tied to a machine gun or medium unmanned aircraft "the Dove" an-BK-1, equipped with.

Japanese commercial Futaba radio system used in aircraft modeling. But with the Park drones in the APU is constantly growing, and Ukrainian drone operators continuously hone their skills in the area of the ATO.

tested Ukrainian reconnaissance-strike complex "Sokol". The Ukrainian "Spetstechnoexport" signed a contract for the purchase of APU party Polish unmanned Warmate loitering munitions. On the "front end" of the armed forces of the DNI regularly shoot down Ukrainian drones from improvised explosive devices.

in addition, just recently, the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that Kiev will receive information about what is happening in Russia with the help of drones: "the national security Council tasked the Ukrainian defense industrial complex to increase the capacity of the UAV".

see also:

In General, Ukraine it has drones, which can be used for military purposes.

Yes, these drones in the mass inferior in performance characteristics to the Russian counterparts. But such drones have the APU available, and it is impossible not to reckon with.

the question Arises: do the armed forces is something that can be contrasted with the Ukrainian drones?

"Operation anteron"

the Development of systems of communication and navigation in the late 1980-ies inspired the Americans to begin developing drones capable of real-time surveillance, reconnaissance and target designation. Conducted in 1990-91 in the Persian Gulf operation "desert Storm" proved that the concept of the scout drones is fully justified.

Subsequent American campaign in Afghanistan demonstrated that a drone can not only find targets but to destroy them. So there were combat drones.

further rapid technological progress has transformed flying drones in the device available to almost everyone.

Which in turn has transformed domestic drones in a potential threat to society. The simplest drones have adopted not only the lovers to spy on someone else's life but the terrorists.

In the end, Russian security forces were faced with the need to learn how to fight with drones, both military and domestic purposes. Were the security forces and the military industrial complex to cope with this problem? Happened.

It is not only the discovery of 12 November, the Ukrainian drone that testifies to the effectiveness of the deployed on the Western border of Russia of a control system for air situation. In the Arsenal of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation there is quite a lot of funds that can neutralize unwelcome drones.

This is a complex electronic warfare "Krasuha", Executive complex electronic intelligence "Carpool", anti-aircraft missile complex short-range "Thor" already familiar "Pantsir-S1".

On the approach developed by JSC "Factory Elektromash" complex NLS ("non-emitting radar system"), created CB "Balloon" protivotankovy complex "Barrier", designed by Kalashnikov concern radio-electronic non-lethal weapons REX 1.

see also:

Another interesting point — 28 October 2017 in the Russian army created the first permanent tactical electronic warfare against unmanned aircraft.

in Other words, to stop a swarm of Ukrainian drones Russia has. Do I need to put this barrier in the case, time will tell.


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