Ukraine news: "NATO" God at the head of the SVR, the Ukrainian chemistry in Russia, the cancellation of the tour Orbakaite


2017-09-13 18:45:12




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Ukraine news:

news of Ukraine, September 13. "NATO" God led the foreign intelligence Service. Russia bullied the Ukrainian chemicals, and require manufacturers to stop it. the Kristina Orbakaite has canceled a tour in Ukraine after threats "pravosekov."


"NATO" God instead of a Nail

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has appointed a new head of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR).

The new head of the SZRU was 37-year-old Yegor Bozhok.

Ukrainian foreign intelligence was without leadership for almost half a year — the previous head of the service Victor Hvozd was fired from this position in April 2016.

"I know Yegor Idol for a long time — as a patriot and a determined professional person, who has a vast experience in abroad", — wrote Poroshenko in Facebook about the new head of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence Service.

Note, informed Yegor Bozhok was the head of the mission of Ukraine to NATO.


Ukrainian chemicals may fall under the Russian sanctions

the Russian company Uralkhim requests to extend the counter-sanctions on imports from Ukraine of calcium nitrate and potassium nitrate. The corresponding letter URALCHEM sent to the Ministry.

the letter States that the company is concerned about the actions of the importers that imported from Ukraine chemical products of dubious quality, selling it to farmers and industrial enterprises at prices much lower than similar products of URALCHEM and other Russian producers, as well as large foreign corporations.

In the first seven months of 2017 dubious products from Ukraine amounted to about 10% of the total import of nitrate of calcium in Russia, the letter said.

"the situation with the mass importation of chemical fertilizers from Ukraine indicates about the probable re-export from the territory of the state of agrochemicals and chemical products of unknown origin from third countries", — said in the letter.

According to experts of "URALCHEM" in this regard, there is a risk of contact with toxic elements, heavy metals, carcinogens and mutagens in the soil and water, and then — as a consequence— in agricultural products and other food products.

in addition, said the Russian concern, calcium nitrate is used in the petroleum industry and for blasting, and nitrate of potassium — for the production of rocket fuel and black powder.

Given this, imports of these products from Ukraine is a threat to national security of Russia, said on "Urashima".

in order to stop the Ukrainian chemical expansion, "Minister," proposes the chemicals are supplied from Ukraine, the list of products prohibited for import to the territory of Russia, the government decree No. 778 dated 7 August 2014 (in accordance with the mode of counter-sanctions in response to anti-Russian sanctions of the West).


Orbakaite canceled tour in Ukraine after threats of radicals

the Tour of a famous Russian singer Christina Aguilera in Ukrainian cities abolished. The information came in the media by the representative of one of the services for the sale of tickets, including concerts, Aguilera.

the Source did not specify the reason for the cancellation of the tour and noted that perhaps the concert will take place later.

However, it is hard to believe — original Orbakaite was going to make a tour in Ukraine in March, and then the concerts were rescheduled for September, and now canceled.

Earlier in mass media there was information that the Ukrainian radicals, including those close to banned in Russia organization "Right sector" intend to disrupt the performances of Christina Aguilera in Ukraine and advocate for a boycott of all Russian artists.

we will Remind, in Ukraine, several dozens of Russian artists made in the base of the anti-site "Peacemaker". This is done against the perpetrators who have been tours in the Crimea, which Ukraine has so far refused to recognize a part of Russia.

On the basis of these lists a large number of Russian artists were denied entry to Ukraine.


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