Train ordinary Ukrainians left: who benefits from the collapse of "Ukrzaliznytsia"


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Train ordinary Ukrainians left: who benefits from the collapse of

European transport Association (GETA) has published a sensational report concerning the Ukrainian state enterprise "Ukrzaliznytsya". According to independent experts, only for last three years the volume of freight and passenger transportation by Railways of Ukraine decreased by almost three times, "ME" almost stopped the message with the Russian Federation that put a once-thriving organization on the brink of bankruptcy. In addition, more than 20 Western corporations and major firms, which the official Kiev called "potential partners", categorically refused to invest in modernization of rolling stock "uz": because of the deterioration of cars canceled dozens of flights, and shortage of tickets at the box office has become commonplace. As the skeptics say, in the destruction of the industry are interested in Ukraine "certain governmental and parliamentary power." The situation was studied by the correspondent of the Federal news Agency.

a huge scandal broke out on August 13 this year.

Then most of the passengers high-speed trains "intercity", EN route from Odessa to Kiev, had about four hours to drive to their destination, standing in the carriage aisles and vestibules. Guide "ME" to explain such unpleasant circumstance of "technical reasons". Say, instead of part of the "Tarpan", designed for the 607 seats in the flight departed in the train of the same manufacturer, but can accommodate only 408 people. "Ukrzaliznytsya" has promised to compensate for the inconvenience to all the passengers who in one way or another considered themselves victims.

"unfortunately, this case cannot be called a single — noted in conversation with the correspondent of the FAN, a former employee of the regional Department of road Department (Kyiv region) Yuri.

Each consoles controllers receive information about problems of technical condition of trains. The number of cars are cutting, not adding new units."

According to Yuri, a little less, but also consistently report on the breakdowns in the trains.

"Trains are falling apart literally on the road, managed to avoid casualties," stated he.

This view is partly shared in the most "ME". According to the press service of the information structure, currently 92.8% of the passenger cars of the company are worn out, and the average age of those cars is about 32 years old. From 3100 units MF for disposal must be sent not less than two thousand, and the repair of remaining in Kiev there is simply no money.

Based on the above, the Ukrainian government has adopted a truly Solomonic decision: to decrease the volume of passenger traffic and cut several thousand railway workers, whose services, therefore, Ukraine is no longer needed.

Good face on a bad game obviously tries to save Ukrainian infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelian. He officially accused the representatives of "Ukrzaliznytsia" in corruption and inefficient use received on account of organization funds.

"Personally, I believe that these accusations is nothing more than an attempt to justify the dismissal of the head of "UZ" Wojciech of Balcone — said in comments to journalists in Kiev the economist Alexander Okhrimenko. — Indeed, the level of theft in state enterprises is high, but the change of leadership monopoly will not lead to the solution of the problem of corruption, but rather the opposite."

earlier, Omeljan officially stated that the losses of Ukrainian Railways "of corruption and misuse of funds" up to $ 15 billion per year. Work the Polish so-called "crisis Manager" Balcona were considered "incompetent and inefficient".

On the question of what will happen with the Ukrainian "fer" (in common parlance called "BONDS"), are unable to answer neither local nor foreign analysts.

"we Can only expect more scandals and talk about the difficulties, but not to solve problems," — said the expert of the public campaign "Euro-Patrol" Vyacheslav Konovalov.

In the end we will get again the manipulation and the PR of certain interested forces".

what interested "certain forces", told FAN explained the analyst ETA Francois Perca.

"Representatives of several oligarchic clans are trying to level the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to lobby for a bill allowing the privatisation of whole sections of railway lines after bankruptcy "BONDS." It means carriers of passengers and freight will pay for the travel outside, as is the case with drivers of vehicles on a paid highway. That impoverished Ukrainians finally deprived of the opportunity to travel and to send packages and containers by rail, Kiev prefers not to think: train ordinary Ukrainians have long left."


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