Ukraine doing the extreme: Dmitry lekuh about the coincidence of interests between Russia and the West


2017-09-13 13:15:16




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Ukraine doing the extreme: Dmitry lekuh about the coincidence of interests between Russia and the West

Suddenly it became clear that what is going on from anybody not dependent territories offensively call the Internet the "area 404", we finally got not only "habitually aggressive" Russia.

Kankan on the Polish border performed by Mikhail Saakashvili for dancers who made almost all Ukrainian politicians; unprecedented rigid statements of Hungary, and also Poland and Romania about the language of the law; and now, extremely unpleasant for the upcoming speech at the UN General Assembly Petro Poroshenko the findings of the UN mission on human rights in Ukraine — all this "W-W-W", as said in one cartoon British-Soviet bear "for a reason".

Serious concern

according to the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow is seriously concerned about the findings of the UN observer mission on human rights in Ukraine regarding the observance by Kiev of its obligations: "the Indignation and strong condemnation cause brutal torture techniques used by Ukrainian law enforcement bodies and security Service of Ukraine to obtain confessions".

Also expressed serious concern about "the findings of the UN about the inhuman discriminatory policy of Kiev against the Ukrainian citizens living in the Donbas."

And yet, as a separate line, attention is drawn to the statement by the UN Commission of the fact that the Ukrainian law enforcement system and allow unprecedented violations of human rights when making arrests of Ukrainian citizens in business in the territories of the proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

Actually, nothing new in the data of the UN Commission no. There is some misunderstanding of the fact that all of the above has been known for a long time, these facts have repeatedly been publicly announced, but a different kind of defenders did not pay any attention to it.

And then how would say unforgettable Victor Stepanovich has never been the case, and here again. This is the first thing you should pay attention.

see also:

Well, second, I'm interested in — why all this beauty, the Russian foreign Ministry has immediately provided such support.

And then to both questions is simple and very clear answers.

God's mill

first, regarding "human rights".

it is Absolutely obvious that in a coherent and unidirectional actions of these various "power centers", as Mikhail Saakashvili, Ukrainian politicians at the head of Yulia Tymoshenko and the mayor of Lviv Andrew Garden, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary and other Eastern European countries, as well as the UN mission on human rights in Ukraine — they have a shared component. Which can be described as discredit the current Ukrainian government in public and media space, primarily in Western countries.

for what purpose it is done — we're not analyzed, just stating a fact.

Although a simple analysis of the list of those Western media who stir up the situation around Saakashvili confirms the hunch that behind all this jumble of visible acute senile ears George Soros.

But in this case we are not interested in the old Soros, and something else: why these actions are not friendly to our country resources unexpectedly supported by the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

And here things are even simpler.

Not the fact that Russia has permanent allies. But she, as the great States, there are permanent interests. In particular, in the territory, to put it mildly, the fraternal Ukraine, where "on a quarter the former our people" — not even "a quarter", and many more.

see also:

And if the interests of Russia coincide temporarily with the interests of the camarilla — it is silly not to use it. And so if we are interested in, and we are interested in the situation with human rights in Ukraine, we have in this situation not to be snide on the topic "again Express our concern" or "where we once was." And you can use any, including those provided by the UN mission possibilities to all this wonderful picture drum into the brain of the world community.

Nothing personal, in General.

Ordinary political Affairs.


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