Destination Kiev: the expert explained the disappearance of Saakashvili


2017-09-13 10:15:08




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Destination Kiev: the expert explained the disappearance of Saakashvili

the Former President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa oblast Mikhail Saakashvili, who recently was stripped of Ukrainian citizenship, "disappeared" from a hotel in Lviv, where he stayed after the illegal border crossing of the country on September 10. This is reported by Ukrainian mass media. Read more at Federal news Agency.


the missing

it is Reported that the lawyer of Mikhail Saakashvili said that doesn't know exactly where at the moment is his client. However, he suggested that he could go to Chernivtsi.

In turn, the guards of Saakashvili assured reporters that he was not going anywhere to go and will spend the night in a hotel room in Lviv.

However, the politician came out of the hotel. The staff noted that Saakashvili did not return.

media, citing sources in law enforcement, emphasize the fact that Mikhail Saakashvili has not left the region.


Real alternative

Political analyst of the Fund "public diplomacy", the representative of the expert-analytical club "the Future today" Sergey Prostakov in the comments FANG said: around Saakashvili has developed a situational coalition dissatisfied with current President Petro Poroshenko, and these people can play a significant role on the political scene of Ukraine. So any news about Saakashvili attracts attention, as for the first time after the election of Poroshenko in 2014 the President he has a real alternative, even so shocking and having problems with the law.

"if the Ukrainian authorities will not be able to prevent the participation of Saakashvili in the country's politics, she risks to get the assemblage point most dissatisfied with Poroshenko forces that threatened him with loss of his post. It is obvious that Saakashvili wants to go to the capital, not excluding its appearance in Odessa", — said Sergey Prostakov.

Recent events have once again exposed the problems of the regime, its powerlessness against Saakashvili.

He and Poroshenko owe their position and status is not the will of Ukrainians, and Western support. And the fate of both will be decided not the Ukraine, lost resources and territory, but in Washington and Brussels. Therefore, even further way Saakashvili is not so important and the importance will be only then if he's still alive and you will get the freedom for their further action, the expert believes.


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