I'm the blood you have shed! Kiev to placate members of the Maidan with new awards


2017-01-28 15:00:24




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I'm the blood you have shed! Kiev to placate members of the Maidan with new awards

recently the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a special decree, according to which about two thousand active participants of protest actions on Independence square in Kiev November 21, 2013 – February 21, 2014 will receive a so-called "special state status". Thus, the marginalized, calling to "hang the Muscovites on lampposts", and representatives of the paramilitary groups who promised to "burn Moscow" will be a "pensioner Ukrainian values". It is anticipated that funds for payments to the local Cabinet will take of the IMF, as well as from public funds under the control of Kiev. The intention of the team of Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman irritated — as ordinary Ukrainians who did not support the Maidan and the "patriots".

In a situation versed correspondent Federal news Agency.

a Resident of Chernihiv region Nicholas Prus sincerely regrets that three years ago, succumbing to the "spirit of time", appeared in the center of the Ukrainian capital.

"Yes, I brought a hunting rifle and a replica Kalashnikov assault rifle, he said in a confidential conversation with the correspondent of the FAN. — I wanted a change in society and even poured kerosene into bottles for Molotov cocktail. I am ashamed to think that at least one of my "ammunition" hit the target and the rifle that I gave to a man with Nazi symbols, shot a policeman or commando executing the order. Don't take no handouts from his master's shoulder the current regime.

I'm disappointed in him".

According to the sent document Prus, now he, as a member of the "events of revolution of advantage" (now in the Ukraine called the events on the Maidan — approx. FAN), can rely on monthly financial assistance in the amount of 700 UAH ($24) and free travel on trains and buses. Referred to the handouts potential beneficiaries wished to give.

refused others. According to the decree of the Ukrainian government, the status of participants of military operations (PMO) is now automatically receive a combat wing organization "Right sector" (banned in Russia), the Nazi group "White soldiers" (the broken-away part of the UNA – UNSO) and the nationalist cell "Trident Stepan Bandera".

"it Should be particularly noted that most of the "soldiers" of such structures has never participated in the ATO in the Donbass, and not seen real combat, — said in comments to the Federal Agency news military expert Eugene Wlasuk.

— However, the independence was the starting point, from which they can dictate the power of their own conditions. Young men in camouflage suits and suits "torchlight procession" in Ukrainian cities, now showing documents, UBD, racketeering, robberies in parks and raids on private property — that is what they are, in fact, engaged in "illegal situation". Phrase: "I am for you blood shed on the Maidan!" — will be a symbol of troubles for hundreds of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians who do not share the Patriotic values".

the Sergeant of the special forces Alex P. assumed his duties a year later after the events of the Maidan.

He was a witness of the bloody events at the Verkhovna Rada on 31 August 2015. Then from-for thrown a cordon of militiamen grenades killed four security forces, and about 40 were injured. Alex said that the team Groisman pursuing a policy of double standards.

"Berkut", "Griffin" and "Titan" (special forces of the MIA of Ukraine — approx. FAN) now associated with the murders we supposedly committed in those days, he says.

But no one remembers how many victims of the confrontation in the center of Kiev was on our side. Now "Berkut officers" on trial, and the Nazis get benefits. Is this true? Isn't scared of all kinds of bandits in "camouflage", our government?".

Question Alexei was rhetorical. "Ukrainian society is in a fever, and Kiev is really interested in how to calm the most active representatives of this society, which, undoubtedly, are the nationalists and the Nazis, says social psychologist Elena Milto.

— Going to the bottom the government will continue to appease them with all sorts of badges, titles, benefits and privileges. The money to a "charity" it will take from anywhere. Otherwise, deprived of the trough "patriots" will arrange a new independence — even more cynical and bloody."


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