A cry of despair in the air: Poroshenko warned that Ukrainians want to escape to the Crimea


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A cry of despair in the air: Poroshenko warned that Ukrainians want to escape to the Crimea

On the Ukrainian TV suddenly there was another "zrada". Resident of Kharkiv live TV channel News One asked why, the Russian Federation, which is leading a program called "aggressor" who cares about the population of the Crimea is much more than it did Ukraine. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency talked with an expert about life in the Crimea and Ukrainian reality.

According to Kharkiv, the pensions of residents of Crimea above four times, medicine is free, gas is cheaper, and much more. "So, who is the aggressor then?" — asks the viewer, who introduced Michael.

Kharkov stressed that "patriots" don't want to leave Crimea and to go to Ukraine.

"I began to twist a finger at a temple — no one there to Ukraine does not want", — he told, how he tried to exchange his apartment in Kharkiv Crimea.

At the same time, four of the Crimean city came in the top 10 most popular resorts for recreation of foreign tourists, including Ukrainians, in the tourist season this year. It is reported by the Ministry of resorts of the Republic. Speech in particular goes about Alushta, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Yalta.

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it is Worth noting that this is not the first case when the Ukrainian radio and television reach people who are tired of anti-Russian propaganda. For example, in 2015, on a talk show, "Radio News", which was led by a famous Russian TV presenter Matthew Ganapolsky phoned the radio listener from Dnipropetrovsk, he live said that he was inspired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

According to him, the Russian leader no Ukrainians not to kill, but on the contrary — Putin is the only "who is fighting for Ukraine and save her, I'm sure."

as a result, the host, killing the listener out of themselves. Disabling a resident of Dnipropetrovsk, the host went on to open and dirty insults: "Go to hell. Can you hear me. Bastard, bitch".

Recall that the Crimea did not agree with the coup d'etat in Ukraine, and the leadership of the Peninsula decided to hold a referendum on secession from the "independence" and "independent" and to join the Russian Federation.

For reunification with Russia voted more than 95% of the Crimean population.

"a Catastrophic decline in living standards in Ukraine — the result of wrong economic policies of the regime Poroshenko. The economic program of the new government, which came through a coup, initially had three areas. First, the gap of economic ties with Russia. Second, the liberalization of the economy through the abandonment of protectionism and non-interference in market processes.

Third, a clearance sale of state property. We see what caused the movement of the country within this economic paradigm. It led to the fall of the hryvnia 3.4 times and as a consequence — the decline in the purchasing power of the population, which in turn led to a fall in turnover, and further up the chain. The lack of real sources of filling the budget and, as a result of the underfunding of the health system, education, law enforcement.

This in turn has led to the degradation data of the state institutions, the closure of hospitals and kindergartens, the reduction of teaching staff, rampant crime and many other horrible things," explained the FAN, ex-Deputy of the Odessa regional Council, coordinator of banned in Ukraine the Association "Borotba" Alex Albu.

In these circumstances, he said, the government is doing everything to ensure that does not cover the existing problems in the press, doing everything to divert people's attention from social ills, to scare him as some kind of "aggressor". But a ban on discussion of this topic — will not solve the problem and it will still come out.

"call the inhabitant of Kharkov during the live broadcast on the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne is a cry of despair, and a serious Wake-up call for the authorities, saying that no matter how they tried to hide the problem — people understand everything I see. See that life in Crimea is significantly different for the better, despite all the machinations of the Ukrainian authorities — blowing up power lines, attempts to turn off the water supply of the Crimea, the organization of sabotage and intelligence networks, the overlap of the supply of goods from mainland Ukraine and so on. For Ukraine there is only one way of solving the economic, and consequently social and political problems.

It is the rejection of the liberal economic model by carrying out an extensive campaign of de-privatization, in which state property must return all illegally privatised enterprises for a song, created in Soviet times. The introduction of the state planning system for state-owned enterprises and the policy of protectionism. The restoration of the broken economic ties with the Customs Union. Otherwise, the people of Ukraine are doomed to poverty and injustice, a life without medical care and education, rampant crime and degradation," said Albu.


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