The audience of Ukrainian TV complained leading an enviable life in the Crimea


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The audience of Ukrainian TV complained leading an enviable life in the Crimea

Kiev, January 27. In the Ukrainian TV channel a viewer phoned and complained that the so-called "aggressor" Russia, residents of Crimea are better than at the Kiev management.

the Resident of Kharkov phoned direct TV channel NewsOne. Ukrainian demanded an explanation from the presenters, who called Russia the aggressor. He asked how it happened that supposedly occupied Crimea lives better in Russia than in Ukraine.

"You often say "aggressor", and I wonder why the aggressor in the Crimea cares about our Ukrainian much better? — said Kharkov. — Their pension is higher than my four times, medicine is free, gas is much cheaper and so on.

It turns out, who is the aggressor then?"

He also added that he tried to exchange their apartment for housing in the Crimea. According to callers on the Peninsula remain "patriots" who oppose joining Russia, but such they are, as it turned out, only in words.

"But I began to show a finger to his temple, no one there (from the Crimea. — Approx. FAN) doesn't want," said Kharkov.

on the Eve of the Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Georgy Muradov commented on sounded on the eve


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