"Witnesses" of Maidan: why fugitive state Duma deputies give testimony in the case of Yanukovych


2017-01-27 10:00:11




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Former Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Communist party Denis Boronenkov gave the General Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) indications in the case of high treason, former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. The correspondent of the Federal news Agency talked with experts about the actions of former Russian deputies and a criminal case against Yanukovych.

According to the media, Boronenkov partially confirmed testimony earlier, the Ukrainian should have received from another former lawmaker Ilya Ponomarev. The latter, among other things, met with the military Prosecutor of "independence" and "independent" Anatoliy Matios in several times in December last year and January this.

Former Russian Deputy told investigators that between the Russian leadership and Viktor Yanukovych was allegedly some kind of agreement. The GPU is going to complete all investigative activities in the case of treason in February.

The process will begin in March 2017.

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"Denis Voronenkov was expelled from the Duma in connection with the corruption scandal. And he left, oddly enough, live in Kiev. The second MP Ilya Ponomarev — too impure for the soul. They both are a tool of ideological struggle, creating a negative image of Russia and, most likely, some specific content of their words.

The Western press is still working on putting our country in a bad light, using any rumours, speculation, arguments. Corrupt Western media are trying to create at the ordinary man in the street the image of the enemy, and these deputies Ilya Ponomaryov and Denis Boronenkov — are merely tools. Moreover, Boronenkov must "work out" life in Ukraine, not that it will give Russian law enforcement officers. So he is willing to say anything.

The same can be said about Ponomarev, who, sitting in the United States, still writes something and says. However, the status information is very low," — said the correspondent of the FAN, the expert of Fund of development of civil society institutions "public diplomacy" Vladimir Kireev.

According to the expert, Viktor Yanukovych really possible for something to blame. After all, why would he leave the territory of Ukraine and leave its citizens defenseless against the radicals, Nazis and oligarchs, who usurped power in the country?

"Why he allowed the bandits to seize power? He left its citizens, most of whom supported his government even at the end of the Maidan. Yanukovych is guilty, but not in what he is accusing puppets of the ideological war.

Moreover, we can say that Ponomariov and Boronenkov are themselves traitors. And in a year or two after Donald Trump will strengthen its power in Europe will continue conservative changes, they will hide not in Kiev, not in the United States and in some Northern areas of Pakistan, along with his colleagues Osama bin Laden. It's their destiny", — summed up Vladimir Kireev.

political Scientist, head of expert group "Crimean project" Igor Ryabov in an interview with FAN noticed that neither former state Duma Deputy and one of the activists belolentochnuyu opposition Ilya Ponomarev, no former Communist MP Denis Voronenkov, nor any possible "witnesses" to the activities of Yanukovych as President of Ukraine do not have any information that would help investigators from Kiev to establish the truth about those events. For two reasons.

"first, there is no problem to find the truth.

The investigation against Yanukovych poses a important, oddly enough, the task is to legitimize the coup. Because so far, none of international law, the events on the Maidan is not recognized as something legitimate. Yanukovych was ousted by force. The authorities that was formed, created unconstitutionally.

Presidential elections, which were held, violated the Ukrainian Constitution. This court is trying to gain any arguments in favor of the legitimacy of Maidan. This task, incidentally, has escalated after the victory of Trump. If Obama illegal overthrow of Yanukovych de facto no one was interested, now you can start to find fault.

Second, neither Ponomariov nor Boronenkov did not know and could not know anything about the essence of what is happening around the Maidan. It's just frivolous witnesses who decided to testify in some kind of special motivation. What else is important: wine Yanukovych is not that trying to assign investigators in Kiev. It is much bigger.

That's when Yanukovych came to the rampant corruption that has corroded this country. She was before and after, just change the people, but this does not diminish the responsibility of Yanukovych for the situation in the country in the years of his reign. Yanukovych, if you alter a famous phrase, "not guilty, but he is guilty", — concluded Igor Ryabov.


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