Journalists from the delegations of the Serbian "Partizan" was beaten in Kiev before the match with "Dinamo"


2017-12-07 21:45:04




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Journalists from the delegations of the Serbian

Belgrade, December 7. on Thursday in the capital of Ukraine before the match against Kiev "Dynamo" there was an attack on journalists from the delegation of the Serbian football club Partizan, the official information resource of the club "Bulletin partisan".

the host of the program posted on YouTube informed that ten meters from the entrance of the hotel, which housed the delegation of the club, attacked the cameraman and editor, "TV-Partisan". The attack involved about a dozen bullies

"They were waiting on the street, heard them speak Serbian and brutally beat them", — said the presenter.

the Incident occurred a few hours before the match between Dinamo and Partizan. As reported ", for security purposes, the meeting of the teams earlier it was decided to hold without Serbian fans. The match ended with the score 4:1 in favor of the Kiev team.


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