Kiev explained why it is not necessary to accuse Russia of occupation of Donbass


2017-12-07 19:30:10




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Kiev explained why it is not necessary to accuse Russia of occupation of Donbass

Kyiv, 7 December. Kiev should avoid accusations against Russia about the alleged "occupation" of the Donbass, as evidence of these words, said managing partner of the international human rights organization Global Rights Compliance, international lawyer Wayne Jordache.

Jordache took part in the briefing "10 minimum steps that should be applied to Ukraine for effective legislation on occupied territories". In the course of his address he advised Kiev to abandon the empty accusations of Russia in "occupation" of the Donbass.

According to Jordash, first, Kiev needs to prove the presence of military forces of another country in the Donbass. Secondly, it must provide proof of control of the territory to Russia. Thirdly, the inability of Ukrainian authorities to meet their obligations in the Donbass must be due to the presence of Russian troops there.

However, none of these facts cannot be attributed to the Donbass.

He reminded the Ukrainian authorities that such allegations need to "collect the whole base of unbiased facts."

"we Need to conduct some serious research to recognize that the region is an occupied territory", — concluded the lawyer, reports .

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly called the internal conflict in the Donbas a war with Russia, without providing evidence of the so-called "aggression". In Moscow deny the accusations, Recalling that Russia is a guarantor of the Minsk agreements for the peaceful resolution of the crisis.


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