Quattrone U.S. expert explained why Kiev is changing decision after meeting with the American Ambassador


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Quattrone U.S. expert explained why Kiev is changing decision after meeting with the American Ambassador

Bogdan Bezpalko, Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian studies at Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, explained why the leaders of the Ukrainian "people's front" have changed their attitude to the National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) after a meeting with US Ambassador to Ukraine, Mary Jovanovic.

prior To the meeting with the American Ambassador, the ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Andriy paruby actively promoted the bill, conferring upon the Ukrainian Parliament to dismiss the leadership of anti-corruption bodies, particularly the NEB, without prior independent audits.

Ukrainian media called the draft "law on elimination of NABOO", and today they announced that the document was unexpectedly removed from the agenda and will not be considered by the Verkhovna Rada.

"the Decision on cessation of the attack on NABOO, which is a tool of the Americans and funded by them, taken after a meeting of the leading politicians of Ukraine with the American Ambassador. That is, we can actually talk about the open office or U.S. interference in the internal Affairs of Ukraine. And those political forces, dissatisfied with management, because it interferes with their concentration, lost it," concluded the member of the Council for interethnic relations under the RF President Bogdan Bezpalko.

He noted that this is not the first overt U.S.

interference in domestic Affairs. Suffice it to recall Joe Biden, sitting at the head table at the meeting with Ukrainian politicians, the previous American Ambassador, watched the adoption of laws in Parliament, other American representatives, who, together with Petro Poroshenko took a military parade.


Poroshenko wants to repeat the fate of the President of South Vietnam Dinh Diem

"so far, the American intervention can be quite polite and considerate. If you would like to shift Poroshenko as President, would have done it quickly and perhaps with elements of bloodshed. But while Poroshenko is under pressure, including those members of the political elite who go to contacts", — said the source Federal news Agency.

His words "yet" Bogdan Bezpalko illustrated by the example of South Vietnam, which rules are extremely loyal to the US President-Catholic NGO Dinh Slam.

"In a moment he was too busy strengthening his own power and increasing personal assets.

He had not done the reforms that led to mass outflow of the population in the guerrilla groups National liberation front of South Vietnam. As a result, the US decided to remove this President and the next day he was killed. And like in South Vietnam occurred several times. Ukraine today is very much like the country.

And Poroshenko did not repeat the fate Dinh Diem, he is under such pressure", — said the analyst.


Washington dictates the rules in all

Bogdan Bezpalko reminded that the existing in Ukraine the "opposition forces" created by Washington.

"The same Mikhail Saakashvili, a man without a passport, has immunity, which he gave US, otherwise it would long ago have imprisoned or deported to Georgia. Now he's humiliated Poroshenko, not allowing himself to be arrested. And this is another factor of pressure on the current Ukrainian President. They say if you don't listen to us, the humiliation is not over, there is something more serious.

Maybe the Hague Tribunal," — said the expert.

Explaining why Washington needs a loyal and obedient Kiev, Bogdan Bezpalko said the United States wants to have a workable tool against Russia.


United States needed quattrone with compliant policies

"But the degree of corruption in Ukraine has reached such proportions that people are turning away from the Ukrainian authorities in favor of neighboring Russia. Annually in Russia enter 6-7 million Ukrainian citizens, the population of this country has been halved, and that without any Russian propaganda, the Ukrainian reality makes Russia attractive for Ukrainians. Washington does not like that Poroshenko inefficient that he is unable to make Ukraine a Fourth Reich, which could provoke Russia, to block it or to start a war against it," — said the analyst.

however, he was sure that Washington has no intention to make Ukraine a new US state.

"the State is a very big responsibility. Residents of the American state should have the rights of citizens, they need to Finance, support.

And quasimoney support is not necessary. She was armed, given some money and turned on the neighbor, the Russian Federation. The same way it did with Georgia in 2008, when it rules Saakashvili. He was given a lot of weapons, over half a billion dollars, convinced the support and unleashed on South Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers.

He was defeated. But in order to realize this operation, Georgia did not have to do a us state. It was quattrone with obedient politicians working in the interests of the United States, and not in the interests of the state and its people. The same with Ukraine.

This is not a US state, and their quattrone", — concluded Bogdan Bezpalko.


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