Kiev Radikal said, what is lacking "revolutionary Ukrainian winter"


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Kiev Radikal said, what is lacking

Kyiv, 7 December. "Ukrainian Revolutionary winter" is not enough nationalists on the barricades, they should join the protesters, otherwise meetings cannot lead to the overthrow of the current government, the nationalist Nikolay Kohanivsky.

This opinion he expressed on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, commenting on the demonstrations that took place in Kiev in connection with the attempted arrest of the former President and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

"On the street again, the snow falls over the winter, the revolutionary Ukrainian winter. But something is missing? Right, not enough nationalists on the barricades. And when the nationalists EN masse to join the protest, it will be a revolution, and the regime will collapse," wrote Kohanivsky.

He also said that Ukraine lacks its own George Washington, Augusto Pinochet and the new Stepan Bandera, which, recall, was the main ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism and organizer of the terror in Poland.

Kohanivsky added that it did not support Saakashvili and does not see him as a statesman of Ukraine. However, according to nationalist protest in Kiev on 5 December, the Ukrainians fought "not for Miho, and for Ukraine".

Kohanivsky said that he would come to the meetings if I was not under house arrest.

we will Remind, Nikolay Kohanivsky is the head of the banned in Russia as extremist "organization of Ukrainian nationalists". It would be the end of October, when arranged firing in the center of Kiev.


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