"Batkivshchyna" Tymoshenko pushed the protesters are supporters of Saakashvili at the Parliament


2017-12-07 13:15:15




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Kyiv, 7 December. Thursday to the building of Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada with the requirement to extend to Ukraine a ban on the sale of agricultural land values were supporters of the party of Yulia Tymoshenko "Batkivshchyna".

They filled almost the entire square in front of Parliament, thereby surpassing the already located there earlier supporters of the former President of Georgia and leader of the Ukrainian party "new force" of Mikhail Saakashvili.

the protesters are at the Parliament with slogans "No derebanu land", "Land belongs to the people", "don't let the oligarchs buy up our land", reports TASS. The leader of the party "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Tymoshenko supported the protesters, saying that the action should continue as long as the moratorium on the sale of land selhoznaznacheniya will not be renewed.

Tymoshenko's Party has also supported the Association of farmers and private landowners (afzu), trade unions of agriculture and a number of factions of the Rada.

on Thursday the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was going to consider a bill to extend the moratorium. Earlier, the Chairman of afzu Ivan Tomic said that in the past year the Parliament has not taken any measures to improve the situation of farmers and rural residents.

the Law, which involved the extension of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land in Ukraine until January 1, 2017, was adopted in December 2015.

Later the Kiev authorities extended the moratorium until January 1, 2018. However, the international monetary Fund demands to lift the ban and start the land market.


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