The video digest of the news the morning of 15 November 2017


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The video digest of the news the morning of 15 November 2017


Ministry of defense of Russia, the United States in support of the banned in Russia "Islamic state". The Russian military said that members of the Western coalition headed by USA not only refused to attack the terrorists, but also prevented the Russian air force in the area of Abu-Kemal. The U.S. military plans were foiled thanks to the rapid advance of the army of the Syrian government.

Draw with Spain

Russian national Team tied a friendly match with the Spanish national team.

The meeting in St. Petersburg ended with the score 3:3. The hero of the match was Fyodor Smolov, who scored the first goal for the Russians, and then in the 70th minute evened the score.

At the end of the match the injury was the Russian goalie Andrey Lunev during a collision with the Spaniard Rodrigo. Lunev was taken to the hospital directly from the field, and to protect against the national team of Russia has set midfielder Denis Glushakov.

Resolution against Crimea

Committee of the UN General Assembly for the Ukrainian draft resolution on human rights in Crimea.

The resolution provides guidelines for Russia. For the resolution voted by 71 States, 25 countries voted against the resolution, abstained 77 countries.

Plenary session of the UN General Assembly will consider a resolution in the next month. Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko has welcomed the adoption of anti-Russian resolution.

Died Vitaliy Shapovalov

In Moscow at the 79th year of a life the actor of theatre and cinema Vitaly Shapovalov. This was reported by representatives of the Moscow Taganka Theater.

A few days ago, the actor had the surgery, after which his condition was assessed as severe. Actor known for roles in such theatrical productions as "the dawns here are quiet", "Pugachev", "the Master and Margarita", "Boris Godunov", "Crime and punishment", "Tartuffe".


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