Gift for Poroshenko: UN resolution on Crimea, associated with the solution in the Donbass


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Gift for Poroshenko: UN resolution on Crimea, associated with the solution in the Donbass

the Ukrainian draft resolution on human rights in Crimea approved in the UN General Assembly. Read more at Federal news Agency.

the Document, which makes the Russian Federation a number of recommendations, adopted on 14 November by the Third Committee of the UNGA-social, humanitarian and cultural issues. It is expected that the draft resolution will consider in plenary meeting the current of the 72nd session of the General Assembly.

the Russian side has requested a vote on the document. The Ukrainian draft resolution voted by 71 countries, 25 States were strongly against, 77 abstentions.

Most European countries and the United States voted for the document.

Voted against China, Russia, Serbia, India, Cuba, Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and some other countries.


anti-Russian coalition

the Head of expert group "Crimean project", the analyst Igor Ryabov in the comments FANG said that the current General Assembly resolution — the long-planned and intuitive act of the countries in the international anti-Russian coalition. They are increasing the political pressure on Russia on all fronts on the eve of the presidential election.

"the adoption of the resolution occurred immediately after the Prime Minister Theresa may delivered a speech on the theme that Russia today poses the main threat in the world. Not international terrorism, the actions of which directly suffer British citizens, and Russia, which is fighting terrorism in Syria and around the world. This statement and the resolution that was taken by Ukraine and its political sponsors, talking about the complete distortion of consciousness in the "democratic world".

Traces of this curvature there is in the resolution itself. The authors of the report, which formed the basis of the resolution, Jordanian and British. Needless to say, that they appeared in Crimea never", — said Igor Ryabov.

the Expert drew attention to the main claims of the UN Commission on human rights, which worked on materials of the Ukrainian press sitting in Kiev. They relate to the support of the banned in Russia "Majlis", "bloggers" in social networks, which are creating an atmosphere of hostility, the Ukrainian journalists, who supported the Maidan, and left the Crimea, and who was allegedly not allowed to return, Yes, in fact, all the Crimean Maidan protesters whose rights are allegedly infringed.

"That is pulled over his ears.

The crime of independence is not disclosed, and his supporters called the main victims. Plus added a different sort of savagery that Russia "forced" Crimean citizenship by force, threatening to leave people without work. This is a manifestation of complete and deliberate perversion of the Western countries in the events in Crimea. I think in the coming days we will see the manifestation of moral support for the Russian leadership against the Crimeans in the "civilized world" makes the target of attacks", — concluded Igor Ryabov.


a Gift for Poroshenko

the Candidate of historical Sciences, the scientific employee of sector of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine's post-Soviet research Center, IMEMO Anton Bredikhin in an interview with the FAN noted that the UN has been another shaking paper in the air.

The adopted document not only reflects the current state of Affairs, but is purely populist in nature. However, the document has become a kind of "carrot" for Ukraine on the eve of addressing the larger issue — about the Donbass.

"Kiev and Washington, directly link the question of Donbass and Crimea. Because this resolution was taken at the background discuss the introduction of peacekeepers between the Surkov and Volcker. And acts, on the one hand, as part of the pressure of the world community on Russia, and with another — the only possible support in the complex territorial issue for Ukraine.

But as you can see, what is stated in the text of the resolution cannot be called truth. On the contrary. The text of the document is fully applicable to the situation in Ukraine, but not Crimea. Such a gift to the regime Poroshenko," — concluded Anton Bredikhin.

As earlier reported , in the Crimea, criticized the new resolution of Kiev.

The new document, in particular, provides requirements such as the lifting of the ban of the organization "the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people" and to provide education in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages.


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