British General: UK will not be able to defend against such an enemy as Russia


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British General: UK will not be able to defend against such an enemy as Russia

London, November 15. retired British General Richard Barrons said that the country's armed forces are not able to withstand threats such as Russia, ISIS (banned in Russia) or North Korea.

Barrons last year held the position of commander of the United armed forces of great Britain (army, Navy and air force), and therefore has relevant information about the state of the army, writes Sky News.

According to Barrons, UK too much reduced defense spending, which could not affect the level of combat readiness.

he warned that the forthcoming verification of the status of national security and the possible reduction of the military budget could have a negative impact on the state of the army.

the Context for such statements and for the forthcoming inspection is a growing threat from the "Islamic state" (banned in Russia) and Russia and North Korea, the newspaper writes. To cope with possible threats from these forces, the UK is not able, according to Barrons:

"to our country, obviously, are an existential threat, with different types: there are, for example, IG. (.) We are daily forced to a confrontation with Russia.

(.) There is and North Korea. (.) But to solve this problem we can."

Earlier , NATO may not reflect the threat from the outside, as it is not able to timely deliver forces to the position, including a rapid reaction force. Such conclusions were made by German weekly Der Spiegel, having examined the report of the secret Alliance.


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