Media reported that the son of "White widow" killed in Syria


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Media reported that the son of

London, November 15. Son joined the ranks of the terrorist organization ISIL (is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation) the citizen of UK Sally Jones was not killed in the airstrike. This is with reference to the sources reports The Telegraph.

Earlier media reported that among the militants known as the "White widow" Sally Jones died as a result of air strikes by U.S. forces on a convoy of terrorists on the border of Syria and Iraq. It was also reported that along with Johnson killed her 12-year-old son.

According to The Telegraph, at the time of the attack, the boy was in 60 km from the place of death of "White widow", as after reaching the age of 12 he was drafted into the ranks of the militants.

Recall known as Um Hussein Britania or "White widow" Sally Jones moved to Syria and joined ISIS with roommate Junaida Hussein.

A couple took a 12-year-old son Jones. Junaid Hussein eliminated in 2015 year as a result of air strikes.


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