Russia did not support the UN resolution against Iran, North Korea and Syria


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Russia did not support the UN resolution against Iran, North Korea and Syria

new York, 15 Nov. Russia did not support the resolution on human rights violations in Iran, Syria and North Korea, which on Tuesday considered the third Committee of the UN General Assembly.

the Resolution on the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) has made Saudi Arabia. The document refers to deliberate attacks on civilians, indiscriminate killings and "serious deterioration of human rights". The document also says about the indiscriminate use in Syria heavy weapons and air strikes, which "killed more than 400 thousand people, including more than 17 thousand children."

the document special attention is given to "attacks of violence" against the civilian population, inciting inter-religious conflict, the use of chemical weapons and the use of hunger as a "method of warfare".

Wine for them, the resolution lies with the Syrian authorities.

voted For the document 108 countries, voted against 17, 58 members of the UN abstained. Syria's permanent representative to the UN Bashar ja'afari called the resolution part is aimed at the destruction of the ATS company of Saudi Arabia and its allies. The diplomat cited data showing that Riyadh and Doha has spent on toppling the government of Bashar al-Assad and the support of terrorism in Syria 317 billion.

Advisor of the permanent mission to the UN Olga Mozolina said that trained Saudi Arabia's resolution undermines international efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria.

Against the resolution on the DPRK made by the Russia, Syria and China. Olga Mozolina noted that Russia does not agree with the practice of "one-sided resolutions on the situation of human rights in individual countries".

On the Iran meeting, the Director of the Department for humanitarian cooperation and human rights Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Anatoly Viktorov called the resolution politicized document, has the "sole purpose the punishment of uncooperative governments".

Against the resolution on Iran voted by 30 countries, including Russia, China, India, and South Korea.


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