Syria news November 14 22.30: the people of Hama and Aleppo under fire "Nusra" IG passed the island near Deir ez-Zor


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Syria news November 14 22.30: the people of Hama and Aleppo under fire

Syria 14 November. The Islamists of "al-Nusra"*** shelling peaceful towns in the provinces of Aleppo and CAD. The ISIS lost ground on the island of Kati to the North of the Deir ez Zor. Three suicide "Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Waleed" was detained in Dar, according to a military source Federal news Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad marzouk (Ahmad Marzouq).


Brief on the outcome of the confrontation

Syrian Arab army (CAA) and allied powers: was attacked Islamist groups in the village of Harasta in the North-East Damascus; inflicted airstrikes on positions of "An-Nusra" in the Northern Hama.

Islamic state: surrendered on the island of Katia North of the city Deir ez Zor; executed four of its radicals for desertion near Abu Kemal to Deir ez Zor.

free Syrian army** (SSA) detained three of the suicide terrorists of "Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid," at a checkpoint near the city Enhil Dar.

"Tahrir Al-sham": fired city Nubl North-West Aleppo, there are victims among the civilian population; and opened fire on the city Sagrada North-West from Hama.


Damascus Province

a Military source on Twitter (Sohayb_Masri1) reports that missile strikes by the Syrian Arab army (SAA) to East Huta preceded Islamists attack two anti-government groups "Falak Ar-Rahman" and "Ahrar Al-sham".

According to the Twitter channel that the militants based in the village Haraszti, began an offensive against the fortified troops of ATS, which was repulsed without loss. Opposition news portal Muraselon argues that the radicals managed to reach the military base and the CAA to kill one of the generals of the army cap. This information is currently checked. We will remind, the government troops occupy the South-Western outskirts of the village.


Province of Aleppo

the Islamists coalition, "Hayat Tahrir Al-sham" has once again stepped up the fighting to the North-West of the administrative center of the region.

According to news Agency Damascus Now, in the shelling of militants city Noble at least one civilian was killed, about ten people were injured.

Also, the news portal published a recording of one of the eyewitnesses who documented the shooting of the radical "Dzhebhat EN-Nusra" on civilians, who took part in the rally against the terrorist group in al-Ataribe. About the incident became known a few hours earlier. Data on the number of victims is still set.


Province of Deir ez-Zor

once Again reported that the commander of the troops of the "Islamic state" occupying the island of Katie, along with his fighters surrendered to the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

This time it says on his page on Twitter, a military source (Shababeeksouria). Recall, being surrounded in a desperate situation, the terrorists were forced to accept the terms of the command of the government troops. Thus, the SAR forces managed to free the civilians, which the gunmen used as a human shield.

meanwhile, the ISIS terrorists have executed four of its radicals because they fled, leaving their positions in Iraq. The sentence was executed near the city of Abu Kemal, which is under the control of Syrian troops thanks to the efforts of CAA and the preliminary impact of Russian VKS infrastructure of the IG in the area of strategic settlement, according to the Twitter feed (QSD_Jabha).


Province of Dar

Information portal FSA Platform controlled by the free Syrian army (FSA), reports that at a checkpoint in the city Enhil located to the North of the administrative center of the province, were detained three militants with suicide belts.

One of them tried to escape but was wounded. It is assumed that those arrested are terrorists one of the "sleeper cells" of the "Islamic state", namely, the organization "Jaish the Ghalib Ibn al-Walid", active in the province.



a Military source on the social network Twitter (RRose1991) reports that Russian aircraft dropped humanitarian aid to the residents of the settlements of al-Foy and Kefraya surrounded by militants "dzhebhat an-Nusra" North-East of Idlib. Recall that a large part of the population — the Shiites. As a result, al-Foy and Kefraya initially began to be attacked, but then the settlements emaciated from the constant shelling and lack of food and medical supplies of the population become for the Islamists convenient tool of blackmail of the government army.

Gunmen often exchange residents for their prisoners radicals.


Province of Hama

according to news portal Now Damascus, the armed opposition militants again opened fire on the city Murada located North-West of the provincial capital. The shelling is out of order the city power plant. On the eve of the settlement also suffered blows "al-Nusra". In response, the Syrian warplanes increased the number of sorties over the fortified areas of the Islamists in the North of the Hama.

According to the news Agency Smart News Agency, air force Syrian air force launched air strikes on the positions of radicals on the outskirts of the village Ravda. The losses from the "Tahrir Al-sham" were reported.



the Iraqi army and the forces of popular mobilization, the Union she will start a new military operation against clandestine groups of terrorists "Islamic state" in areas Sansal and al-Wuquf in the province of Diyala, according to the news Agency, Al Sumaria News. We will remind, operation on search and destruction of "sleeper cells" of ISIS in the region began in the end of last week. During the searches, the government troops had previously managed to find a few hidden groups of the ISIS.

It is known that the cleaning of territories from the ISIS also involved the Iraqi air force.


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